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Dec 9, 2007 09:29 AM

Weekend In Key West

Any suggestions on places we shouldn't miss? Would particuarly love Cuban, conch fritters, great seafood, fun breakfast places, and of course great key lime pie. Thank you for all suggestions. We can't wait to go!

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  1. Any suggestions would be so appreciated!

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      go to Its more active

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        I wouldn't say that the discussion here isn't active. It's just that there are already a lot of posts about places to eat in Key West. Searching the board for those posts will yield plenty of suggestions. For Cuban, I'd suggest 5 Brothers. They mostly do sandwiches and coffee, but they also have daily lunch specials. 7 Fish is good for seafood. And, to continue with the number-based list I've started, try 915 for a great variety of tapas-style small plates. Blue Heaven is probably a good bet for breakfast, although there may be a long wait. I've heard people say the key lime pie there is good, but I can never order anything but the Banana Heaven for dessert.

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          I found the Banana Heaven to be very tasty but too sweet. The Blue Heaven KLP is still my favorite. For seafood, we like 7 Fish and Cafe Sole, and for Cuban, we like Siboney. Conch fritters you can get everywhere. There's a place in Duval Square (across from the well-known Square One) that serves breakfast with $2 all-you-can-eat buttermilk pancakes, potato pancakes, etc.

    2. I wholeheartedly agree on Blue Heaven for breakfast. But go early (8 or earlier) or go expecting to wait. Luckily, they have a little coffee counter/bar, and a gift shop. And the place is just plain cool.

      I had some pretty good dinners at Turtle Kraals. Sort of typical south Florida seafood place. You can definitely get conch there. I also recommend the Key West Seafood Garden.

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      1. re: rweater

        Key West Seafood Garden closed a few years ago at least.

        1. re: Suzie

          darn...I thought it had closed, but I found it listed on a Key West dining guide, so I thought maybe I was wrong or that it had gotten restarted.

      2. I like Turtle Kralls too....also Finnegans Wake has an Irish Bar w/ GREAT food. The menu changes alot...always creative. Bagatelle on Duval is good at lunch...Hogs Breath Saloon across from Bagatelle has really good Homemade conch fritters. I have come to learn...alot of places use pre-made fritter mix...very generic and the same at many places. Hurricane Joes on Stock Island has a good connection for local fish.

        So does Bobalu's a little further up...about 10 miles north of key west(worth the trip) always fresh fish...if it isn't fresh, its not served. I like that. I stop here every time I go to KW.

        Eat Well

        1. You absolutely have to have oysters at Hog's Breath. Live music out back on weekends. The oysters are shucked right in front of you and very very fresh.

          1. Blue heaven is great. The food is very good and the setting is so Key West