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Best Web Site for Recipes and Foodies

Of course I am saying BESIDES the ChowHound. I have found a lot of hit or misses out there but Epicurious is better than average. What do the hounds think?

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  1. I think Epicurious is the best, but I also use foodnetwork.com and allrecipes.com alot. I prefer sites that allow users to review the recipes. I find the feedback very helpful.

    1. I'd have to agree with diablo, regarding foodnetwork and allrecipes. Usually I google any question and they send me to allrecipes, so they must be doing something right.

      1. Epicurious is my go-to for recipies. Their library is vast and I like saving my favorites online. Reading others' experiences with the recipies is a great bonus.

        Sunset magazine and several other mags (Heath, Cooking Light?) have their own online recipie site called MyRecipies (or MyRecipie).com. I haven't had a chance to check it out but I'd love to have all my favorite Sunset ones in one spot!

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          if you do decide to check it out, the correct spelling is www.myrecipes.com

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            are the sunset mags/cookbooks like southern living for the west coast?

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              Similar. Sunset was started much earlier than So. Living. Both now part of the same company. These days Sunset has a more youthful vibe than So.Living IMO. Both have regional recipes, travel, garden focus.

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                Not quite. Southern Living is like Sunset for the South,:)

            2. My favorite for recipes and general cooking techniques is that of an L.A. longtime radio cooking show host, Melinda Lee. It can be found at www.melindalee.com. I particularly value her "teaching segments" which give an overview to a general topic, for example at this time of year, she talks about turkeys, discussing everything from selecting them, brining them, and cooking them. I appreciate her site especially for an amazingly easy way to poach chicken breasts, involving submerging them, bringing the water to a boil, and then immediately turning off the heat and leaving them covered for about 30-45 mins -- they come out tender, juicy, and perfect.

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                TY all for the replies so far. It looks like Epi is the leader?

              2. I like all of the ones mentioned, but add www.recipezaar.com to that list. It has a rating system and the recipes are easy to look up according to what ingredients, method, etc. I find that the food network is really a difficult place to navigate to find what you really want, and I don't have 2 hours to look for a roast chicken recipe! I also look at manufacturers site (Betty crocker, kraft, etc) and magazines sites for recipes.

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                1. Epicurious.com is my absolutely go-to site. I keep my own recipe book on that site as well. I recently discovered Recipezaar.com and like what I've found so far. The search filter is pretty handy.

                  1. Recipezaar--definitely. In addition to what has already been mentioned they also have menu features and do my "shopping list". That was a huge help this past Thanksgiving!!

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                      Will have to add recipezaar to my favs.

                    2. I rely a lot on www.cooksillustrated.com but for some of the site you have to pay a fee. They do so much testing on the products that I find it interesting to read the "why" as well as the "how" Very similar to the show on PBS and the magazine.

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                        I like their testing approach too bad its not free, yet :). I do wonder if they are being paid by the shows sponsors in some way and therefore, skewing the test results. Don't you? I remember that consumer reports doesnt accept any sponsorship mula, but consumer review and the other outfits do.

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                          I can't recall any food sponsors. I'm working from a faulty memory though, so could be wrong. I'm thinking Kitchenaid, some paper towel company, and Robert Mondavi.

                          I like CI because I can save my favorites and make a grocery list from a menu. Also, there is a forum that is free and a number of recipes are free.

                      2. I'm a pretty big epicurious user too -- their recipes (coming from Bon Appetit & Gourmet magazines) tend to work pretty well. FoodTV is not bad either, depending on which show the recipe comes from across . . .

                        Finally, since I'm in LA, I also check the LA Times Food Section site for recipes that I remember piquing my interest from issues past. But I think that most major papers would have a decent collection of recipes too on their Web sites.

                        Oh yea, for -ahem- liquid recipes I love Webtender.


                        1. FoodTV has a lot more recipes, so I usually head there first. Epicurious, with that very useful users review feature, is a close second. I've also used several of the others already mentioned. Often, however, I'll do a web search and find smaller gems.

                          If I had to pick one I'd do the search, which will almost always include something from the Big Two.

                            1. Check out this site;


                              Not a whole lot of recipes, but it's all step by step with photos, and has some very interesting things on it!

                              1. Here's one I like. It does not have the depth of Epicurious or AllRecipes but I find it helpful.

                                VegSource is mostly vegan but I just substitute actual dairy. Many of the recipes are very good but a couple sound just dreadful. http://www.vegsource.com/recipe/

                                My best recipe source is a well phrased Google search. Sometimes I take AllRecipes out of the results ( e.g. lasagna -allrecipes ) because while I appreciate that everyone wants to contribute I don't want to see aunt Elna's toxic version of "lasagna" with Hamburger Helper in the ingredients list.

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