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Dec 9, 2007 08:07 AM

Dinner between DEN and Copper Mountian

My vegetarian daughter and I are flying into DEN and then driving out to Copper Mountain. I'd appreciate any ideas about where we might have dinner between the airport and Summit County. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Are you looking for any specific type of food (other than having vegetarian options)? There is a huge wide area that would qualify so narrowing it down more may help. Are you wanting fast food or sit down? What time are you flying in?

    1. Another question, would you be willing to east somewhere in Denver as you pass through, or do you want to hit some place in the mountains?

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        One of the Colorado classics is BeauJo's Pizza on the main street of Idaho Springs. Going west, take the westernmost downtown Idaho Springs exit (the one for Colorado Hwy 103 and Mt. Evans). Turn right. Go to the second street (very short blocks here) and turn right onto Miner Street. BeauJo's is a couple of blocks down on the right. They have substantial veggie pizzas, choice of dough, choice of thickness.

        Another option that I am very high on is FoodHedz in Frisco, the last town before Copper Mountain if you can hold out that long (or, go there for dinner from Copper).Take Exit 203. Turn left onto CO 9. Very soon, just beyond the Valero gas station, you'll see a long strip mall (big supermarket on the north/closest end) on the right side of the highway. Head into the parking lot. Look for the Wells Fargo Bank. FoodHedz is just to the left of the bank. The sign reads "Cafe." Excellent, moderately priced chef-made food. Closed Sunday and Monday (I think).

        1. re: Megiac

          We arrive at DEN 4:30PM. Not looking for any specific type of food, but veggie option is necessary. Prefer sit-down, but casual.

          1. re: DrSkimeister

            Okay, so that means you'll hit Denver during rush hour. I agree that BeauJo's is a good option, there is also TommyKnocker Brewery in Idaho Springs. I've not eaten there but they have good root beer. Honestly, easy access options off of I-70 in Denver are going to be few and far between so I think the Idaho Springs options are better. You'll hit Frisco by around 7ish so Food Hedz might bee good, depending on road conditions.

            1. re: RobynS

              I've eaten at Tommyknocker. Good standard pub fare. I can't say that I LOVE BeauJo's pizzas but I do love the place, and it's such a locals' institution that it is a memorable feeding trough for visitors too.