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Dec 9, 2007 07:59 AM

Cafe giovanni ?????

Has anyone dined at cafe Giovanni and if so how was the food , service and ambiance.
Headed to N.O. for the BCS championship game and wanted an upscale dining experience.

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  1. We've been many times. My husband had been reluctsant to go due to the opera singers and now he 'll only dine when they are there. We always get one of the "feed me" dinners $45 pp 4 courses with 4 wines or $65 pp 6 courses, no wine. It's always excellent. When we get the 4 courses we also order an additional appetizer (just to try something different...4 courses is plenty of food). Chef Duke is very accomodating as far as substitutitons. His sauces take what would seem to be an ordinary dish to something special.

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      BTW, Chef Duke is always in the kitchen and usually comes out to talk with diners.