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Dec 9, 2007 07:40 AM

Grill or griddle?

What is s better choice on one of these 48" ranges- a grill or a griddle option? Which do you think is more useful?

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  1. Griddle. You'll get lots of use out of it -- surprising how many things are better done on a griddle than a skillet once one's readily available to you. I use mine for all kinds of things that I've learned are much easier to cook on a large rectangular surface without sides. Easy to clean, too.

    IMHO, if you're going to grill, it's best to get an outdoor gas grill. Get one with three burners. Indoor grills are hard to clean, can smoke up your house even with a very powerful exhaust fan, and just generally make a mess.

    Again. My own humble opinion.

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      Assuming that you have access to an outdoor grill, the griddle will not only be more useful, but it will be lots easier to clean and will not look horrible after a few uses. I know is how hard it is to clean my dual burner reversible grill/griddle on the grill side, and I have heard that the range grills are just as hard to clean (although, you should be able to burn off some of the goo).

      However, if you are one of those unlucky souls who can't get an outdoor grill like the poster above notes, go for the grill. You can always get a griddle pan, but some things just taste better on a grill.

    2. Griddle

      jfood had an indoor grill and it was used exactly once. Cleaning it was impossible.

      jfood wishes he had a griddle for all the pancakes, french toast and eggs he has prepared over the years.

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        Depending on the ranges (is it a Viking) jfood can have the grill changed to a griddle. We have both a griddle and a grill, and the grill has a wooden board over it and it is where we keep the toaster! We used the grill once or twice 11 years ago, then decided it was too much trouble. We recently replaced our griddle since Mr. roxlet wanted the carbon steel one, but we too late realized that it would be possible to get a double grill in the space where the grill and griddle now are. A double griddle would be awesome, and I could feed all the boys pancakes at once when we have the big sleepovers!

      2. I just got a new Wolf range and also pondered the same question. I opted for the griddle. I would be more likely to quickly sear nice little piece of tuna than grill a steak indoors. However, I also purchased a 2-burner size cast iron grill pan in case I need to char some peppers, etc. etc. It all depends on your cooking preferences. MHO.

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        1. re: Mothership

          Griddle- we use our huge All-Clad griddle constantly. Never use the grill pan on the stove- so much easier to go outside and fire up the Weber gas grill- even in the winter (we keep it on our porch).

        2. Griddle - it's just like being a short order cook. We bought a Wolf duel fuel 2 years ago:

          and use the griddle almost every day. Pancakes are now a daily breakfast for our boys and overall it is easier to clean than pans. Breakfasts are great - pancakes, bacon and large orders of hashbrowns with all the veggies.

          The other thing I really like to make our burgers and sandwiches - a patty melt with grilled onions from the griddle is hard to top. Either way enjoy your new range!

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          1. re: bworp

            So, it will be a griddle. Thanks everybody! We have a huge gas grill outside, and living in CA it is never a wrong time to use it. Only hubby gets a little lazy at times and doesn't feel like grilling, that why I asked that question.....

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              Hey... I too have a new duel fuel Wolf Stove, so new I have yet to use the griddle. Do you know of a recipe book for griddle cooking and do you have any handy tips on use and cleaning of what I hope to be a great stove (still afraid of it)? Thank you:)

              Not sure I did this right... trying to reach bworp.

            2. This may be too late for you but my wife and I opted for a separate lodge reversable grill/griddle and have an 8 burner Blue Star range. The extra burners are great. There is something to be said for a built in griddle: it can double as a burner/warming plate or just a place to put hot pans. But we prefer the straight burner configuration. Hope this helps.