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Dec 9, 2007 07:29 AM

rehearsal dinner recommendations in DC?


i'm getting married next fall in washington, dc and currently looking for some good rehearsal dinner restaurants. the size of the group is about 50, so need either a decent size room to rent, or just smaller size place where we can rent the whole thing.

as for food, hoping to find something either italian or american, but open to all suggestions. good appetizers are also key, as is a good wine list. prefer to have a more modern setting, so long as the food isn't compromised. partial outdoor space would be ideal.

thanks for any suggestions. if you've been to a rehearsal dinner anywhere in DC, please at least post the name and i'll check it out.


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  1. I have been to a rehearsal dinner at Ruth Chris in NOVA, Old Ebbitts Grill, Willow. Engagement party at Tallula. All good. You didn't list prices so here are some other suggestions:

    But also if it is early fall not too cold I would suggest checking out Poste which has a great terrace. Lots of places have private rooms in DC I think Butterfield 9, 2941 would be pretty, but it is in Falls Church, Obelisk might have a private room or you could rent the space it is Italian. You might also call Spezie to see if they have a private room. I don't know about Dino never been but people around here like it for Italian decent wine list. Does Zola have a private room? Lots of options I am sure more people will chime in.

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      If you select Poste, make sure you get everything in writing and ask for confirmation in writing at least five times before the event. Do not settle for confirmation from the event planner. Insist on the general manager's being involved. Get his sign off on all food choices. If you can also get the signed consent of the chef, his wife, and any first-born children, that may be sufficient to experience the meal you've carefully chosen. If not...

    2. I went to a reherasol dinner at Maggianos. I know Maggianos doesn't always get rave reviews but really everyone was pleased (and the bride and her family are some serious foodies). They served a bunch of food family style but honored many special requests.

      1. Here is a list from opentable about who could accommodate the group:

        On the list that popped out as I was scrolling that I didn't put above that were american or Italian and modern were 1789 although not so modern, Agraria (pretty space very modern, large wine list), Brasserie Beck (not uber modern, but clean lines and not american food french/belgian but very good), Charlie Palmer (modern and steak, good wine list), Circle Bistro (modern clean lines and american fare pretty much, nice but not huge wine list), Dino does have a large enough space, Rock Creek Mazza Gallerie, Oval Room.

        But that is a huge list and you could use the search feature to search the reputation of any place on the list that called out to you. Good luck.