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left over fried chicken

anything I can do with this left over fried chicken? I dont exactly want to waste 12 pieces or chicken or any other food for that matter. I was thinking making chili with it and removing the skin and coating. any other ideas would be great.

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  1. I grew up eating the leftovers cold the next day, and I have to say I''ve always loved cold fried chicken for a picnic, whether indoors or out!

    Why do you want to make something else out of it? Didn't you like it?

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      Like ChefJune says, take it on a picnic. I grew up making it to eat cold on purpose. Cold fried chicken is excellent at a picnic!

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        I will be the third to chime - nothing beats cold fried chicken - another option is a decadent chicken salad but with the coating and skin still on -

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          Yeah, I take it on a picnic. I get as far as my kitchen table... instant picnic!!

      2. Here's a nice looking recipe for macaroni salad made with leftover fried chicken:


        I had a friend who used to put her favorite bbq sauce over the fried chicken and bake it for a while which means you're basically transforming it into oven bbq chicken.

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          I was just about to echo Val's suggestion to dip in in BBQ sauce and bake it - there's a great local restaurant here that makes all of their BBQ chicken that way.

          I'd also cut it up and serve it over a salad in a heartbeat!

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            I think I might try coating it in bbq sauce and baking it. Thanks.

        2. I usually take the meat off the bones, make a stock from the bones and skin, and use the meat in a variety of ways - chicken salad, soup, a-la-king, etc.

          1. I'm thinking aside from eating it cold, which I dearly love too, but 12 pieces is a lot...
            So perhaps a making it Asian, with a Chinese lemon/garlic sauce and cilantro. With either jasmine rice or make it sweet and sour chicken with peppers, carrots, pineapple and tart sweet sauce. mmmm that thought is making me hungry!

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              I imagine it would als be nice sliced in a sandwich.

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                ooooooooooh yes, and with coleslaw....

            2. Eat it.

              Where I come from, there's no such thing as "left-over fried chicken". Something's wrong here.

              But seriously, it's intended to be eaten either cold or at room temperature, at least for lots of folks. For many parts of the South, that's the whole point. Trying to find anything to do with it is like trying to find something to do with cold beer. It's a no-brainer.

              1. I'll come help you take care of that "leftover" fried chicken. I don't think I've ever heard that term before...

                1. strip it, slow cook it til hot and tasty in a nice spicy bbq sauce, layer on a toasted egg bun with a little applewood bacon, sharp cheddar and fine shred cole slaw.

                  Well, thats dinner tomorrow!!!

                  1. I throw the chicken pieces in a pot with some bouillon. Simmer until I get a nice stock. Remove chicken and debone, adding chopped chunks of the chix back into the stock. Skim off fat. Add onions and celery, maybe some green chiles or hot sauce, other seasonings and make a soup! Since there is breading on the chicken, it makes the stock thicker. I even throw in leftover french-fries, cut up. You can add cream, rice, pasta, beans, and other veggies like mushrooms! Anything goes! Don't forget to use the leftover mashed potatoes, too!

                    1. Fried chicken pot pie - why not. go all out?
                      and I sure wouldn't hesitate to cut it off the bone and make a salad with it using a buttermilk dressing. Yum, love left over fried chicken (if there ever is any).

                      1. Great question. My mother made a wonderful chicken potato salad when I was growing up. Cut or Chopped left-over chicken, green onions, peas and cooked cubed potatoes in a mayo dressing, salt pepper to taste. Now the killer garnish for this is lemon-cured sliced red onions. You simply slice a red onion thinly, add toss with about 4 tablespoons of fresh lemon or lime juice (red wine vinegar in a pinch) and a generous amount of salt. She would make the onions the night before so they "cured". She served this chicken-potato salad with the onions on top and hot fresh white rice. Hope this helps!

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                          Your mom's cured red onions remind me of a tremendous recipe on Epicurious for pickled red onions ... incredibly delish! Epi's uses lime juice, rice vinegar and really not very much salt...interesting!

                        2. If you don't want to eat it as a yummy picnicky leftover, you can make Country Captain with it---make a sauce with tomatoes,onions, and green peppers and flavor it with curry then pour this over the chicken and serve with rice. Or consult any Country Captain recipe and adapt.