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Dec 9, 2007 05:10 AM

nessa food and service

Ate at Nessa again last night, we arrived exactly at our reservation time. place was bustling, and packed. after 1 minute of waiting, literally, gentlemen at front bought us a drinks, and humbly apoologized for not having a table ready. about 5 minutes later, while we were still drinking, he came over to us again, apologized again, and then proceeded to treat us to a large order of brushetta. alas, at about 18 minutes after our reservation time, we were seated, now having been treated to a full round of drinks, and bruschetta, they seat us, and offer us another round of drinks. We sit, have a fabulous meal of fish, and pastas. during the meal they ask is everything to our liking. food is fabulous, service fabulous,...this place is a walk

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  1. I agree - while I have never had much of a wait there - the staff and management is FABULOUS and they really take care of their customers. the food is wonderful as well.