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Dec 9, 2007 05:07 AM

Where can I buy hazelnuts in Toronto ?

Was surprised not to find fresh nuts at Loblaw's or Dominion - any tips for where to purchase hazelnuts, preferably in mid-town area ? but can travel if necessary. Thanks !

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  1. Costco sells big bags of raw Oregon hazelnuts.

    1. If you can find a Bulk Barn, they sell hazelnuts too. Or John Vince, but I think the only store is in the Dufferin/Finch area. There's a JV store on St. Clair, I think near Dufferin, that used to be a John Vince and they still sell bulk products, so you could try there.

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        IMO avoid JV at all costs. The food is not fresh nor is it stored well from the air. JV went down hill over the years and the food is moist when it is supposed to be dry. For example peanut brittle lost its crunch and is near chewy (stale). It is a real shame. Luckily Bulk Barns picked up where JV left off. The selection is not as huge, but they are extremely efficient and clean with only fresh product and the bins are near air-tight. Great nuts always!

        If you want fresh roasted premium nuts - I mean premium and fabulous. Check out this nut shop that roasts in-house. The cashews are the very best you will ever eat in Toronto - I guarantee it. They should have hazelnuts but I don't know for sure. It is on Cawthra just north of The Queensway. Cawthra is just west of Dixie Rd. The prices are low too!

        2399 Cawthra Unit 42 at the back of the strip mall parking lot. It is the very last shop I do not know the name of it.

      2. Dominion (Yonge and Eg) has been carrying bulk nuts in their shells for the holidays. May be worth a try.

        1. loblaws at bayview village had loose hazelnuts in shell yesterday.

          1. Saw them at Highland Farms @ Kennedy x Ellesmere last time I was there (a few months back)