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Blood sausage in NYC?

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Anyone know where I can buy blood sausage in NYC? Thanks in advance.

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  1. It's not that hard to find, so I'll recommend my favorite--the Morcilla at Despana (Broome St.) Man, do I love me some blood sausage!

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      Thanks very much, jasmurph and guttergourmet Despana sounds perfect. I had tried my butcher, Citarella and uptown Dean and Delucca, as none of them have it, I thought it must be hard to find. I know and love fabada but this time am making a cocido.

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        Downtown D&D has boudin noir but i just picked up my morcilla at Despana. For your cocido, where do you get the tocino?

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          Sorry to say I leave it out assuming no one would eat it in NY. And might even kill me for offering it. Actually, I don't even know what it is in English. Is it pork fat?

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        yeah, the Morcilla at Despana is pretty awesome.

      3. Blood? Perhaps you should change your name to Fuffy the Vampire Slayer? ;-) Morcilla- Spanish blood sausage at Despana rocks. Mrs. GG cooks it in a fabada which is an Asturian bean stew. Ask Despana to give you the recipe. You also can order morcilla with your eggs benedict at Ditch Plains. Schaller and Weber may have the German variety Blutwurst. Irish Black Pudding is a breakfast treat at some Irish pubs and I believe may be available at Myers of Keswick. Of course the French have boudin noir the best example of which in NYC you can have cooked or buy it raw to cook at home from Les Halles- I like mine with cooked apples.

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          There's blood sausage at Myers of Keswick, but, as guttergourmet knows, it's better at Despana. I'm definitely cooking some up with apples this week!

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            Schaller & Weber has blutwurst, however I'm not such a big fan of theirs. The onion morcilla at DespaƱa, however, is top-notch. Full-flavored and perfect for cocido (or a snack). Myers of Keswick does sell black pudding as well. You might note that the markets in that area (namely Associated and Western Beef) often carry South American versions of morcilla made with natural casing and stuffed with rice.

          2. I've gotten it at Schaller & Weber on 3rd, between 85th and 86th.

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              >>>>I've gotten it at Schaller & Weber on 3rd, between 85th and 86th.

              Schaller is on 2nd btwn 85th and 86th.


            2. Ah, boudin noir.....Years ago I used to buy it at Salumeria Biellese which is on 8th Ave at 29th street. I've no idea why I havent been back in so long but inspired by this thread I went yesterday. Picked up some boudin noir, saucisson a l'ail, wild boar salami, and that old favorite guanciale (cured pork jowls, but you knew that ;-) Use it like bacon to flavor soups, stews, carbonara, so they told me) They also have boudin blanc, lots of other sausages (but not every kind, everyday) and the proprietor proudly showed me a stuffed pig's leg; peel back the skin, bone it, and stuff with garlic sausage, simmer for, oh, a week. Yum! If I wasnt the only extreme eater in the house (looked like it would feed a dozen) I would have bought one.

              So check out Salumeria Biellese, and I'm surely going to try the other places mentioned here.


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                Coincidentally I was there too but, alas, only windowshopping (except for the 2/3 lb of braseola I got for a snack in the car) ;)

              2. Les Halles has a butcher counter where I think they sell it, as they serve it in the restaurant.

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                1. I had no idea I could find boudin noir in so many NYC establishments! I had it first at Florent on Gansevoort and was floored by the deep, earthy taste of the dish. I think it's amazing with a little dijon and crisp, salty fries. It's a huge relief to know I can leave the Meatpacking District and still sate my blood sausage needs!

                  1. Over 4 years old, but bumping this for any recent recommendations people may have.

                    I've been trying to catch the boudin noir at Balthazar for a while now but can't seem to make it there on a Sunday (the only day they serve it). Any other places with exceptional or notable blood sausage dishes would be greatly appreciated.

                    Thank in advance

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                      I have always liked the version at Blaue Gans, comes fried and crispy with kraut and potatoes.

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                        The Breslin
                        Bar Boulud

                        You can use Menupages' Find a food feature and type in morcilla, boudin noir, blood sausage, etc. Tons of places serving it now.

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                          Buenos Aires, a very good Argentinian steakhouse in Alphabet City, has an excellent morcilla plate.

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                            "Any other places with exceptional or notable blood sausage dishes would be greatly appreciated."

                            I've had it at Birreria at Eataly; it's called Biroldo in Italian. The menu online has it being served with rutabaga mash and pickled turnips. Can't remember what it was served with when I had it last year at some point, but it was quite tasty.

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                              The morcella sandwich at City Sandwich at 649 9th ave is great...

                          2. I've seen it at Epicerie Boulud near Lincoln Center, and at Cannibal on 29th (at the deli kind of towards the back, behind the bar area). Even the Fairway on 86th had it once (and better than I thought it'd be!).

                            I'm going to have to try Depsana asap!

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                              The boudin noir at Cannibal is excellent, and readily available. I've tried multiple times at Les Halles as well but have not lucked out -- they do apparently do it a couple of times a month for sale.

                              I ended up making 14lbs of boudin noir on my own last weekend, amusingly enough. I asked my local butcher for a quart of blood (enough for ~4lbs of sausage.) He called me up last Friday and said, "Hey, your blood came in... sorry, I could only get a gallon. When can you come get it?"

                              So I've got a lot of boudin frozen ;)

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                                Dominican butchers uptown and "Spanish" cheap restaurants (which often look like Puerto Rican but are actually Dominican) always sell it, to go naturally also.

                                Downtown at the Essex Street market the Spanish butcher sells morcilla. I go to La Isla restaurant on way East 14th St. I like Argentinian morcilla best, but can only find it at sit-down Argentinian places.

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                                  Your own boudin - awesome!

                                  I just picked some morcilla up from Despana and made a bean/morcilla/chorizo stew - was excellent (if I do say so myself).

                                  Thanks for everyone's tips.

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                                    Home made boudin noir? That IS ambitious! Would you share the recipe?

                                    Let me add to the list of joints serving it Chez Josephine on 42nd. Havent had it for ages but just checked the menu and it's still there. Must try the Morcilla at Despana; obviously it gets raves.

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                                      Sure thing. I used a variation of a couple of recipes in Jane Grigson's "Charcuterie and French Pork Cookery"

                                      1 gal pork blood
                                      2lbs back fat, cubed
                                      1.5lbs lard
                                      2.5lbs ground lean pork
                                      1 whole pork liver, chopped finely
                                      4 apples, diced
                                      4 large onions, chopped finely
                                      2 loaves french bread for bread crumbs
                                      2 stalks celery, chopped finely (with leaves)
                                      1pt heavy cream
                                      2c cognac
                                      fennel seeds, salt, pepper, hot pepper flakes, freshly ground nutmeg
                                      natural sausage casing

                                      I blanched the back fat until opaque (about 3-4 mins) and set aside. I then cooked the ground pork and the liver in a pan with a bit of lard until browned and set aside, the onions (in the lard) until transparent along with the celery and apples. I then mixed all of the cooked ingredients (back fat, liver, ground pork, onions, celery, apples) with the bread crumbs and seasonings. The mixture at this point should taste good, but be a bit salty (as you're not tasting it again after the addition of the blood.)

                                      I then hand-mixed the blood in with the cooked ingredients. This was my main area of mistake -- the blood, refrigerated, was congealed. Next time I will mix in warm water to thin it, as the hand mixing was both a bit gross and took forever -- like hand-squishing jello bits together.

                                      After mixing, I added the cream and cognac and stirred until I had a fairly loose mixture. I then filled the casings (you want to fill them not until stiff, as they'll burst if overfilled since the mixture expands) and gently simmer each set of links for about 18 minutes. After that you can either refrigerate for a few days and enjoy, or freeze. Overall, I was pretty happy with the results...

                                      1. re: sashae

                                        Wow, that's a process. After you've simmered and refrigerated them can you saute them without having them burst? I find that tends to happen with store bought boudin.

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                                    I was also thinking about Epicerie Boulud.

                                    While I've never looked for it, I'd guess that Whole Foods has them -- I know they have a bunch of other kinds.

                                  3. Murray's Cheese on Bleecker carries packaged blood sausage (at least the last time I was there). If you care to venture outside Manhattan, Los Paisanos meat market on Smith St. has fresh blood sausage. Highly recommended.

                                    1. My CHound searches are a little better.

                                      The thread--although a little old--


                                      is directly on topic, and has good replies.

                                      One or more of the restaurants is a butcher.

                                      La Portena (with a tilde) Argentina place was recommended to me.

                                      Of course, at restaurants, one can always use doggie bags.

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                                        Um...forgive my ignorance, but is it just me or does your link point to this actual thread?

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                                          I think it's just you. :)

                                          For me the linkee workee.

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                                            It's this thread. Look at the address bar on your computer.

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                                            The link works, it just points to the THIS same thread that we are posting on.

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                                              I am the biggest and most embarrassed asshole on the earth.

                                              I could say that I really was enmeshing us in the eternal labyrinths of Jose Borges (and who was Argentinian, by the way), but that would be too little, too weasely.


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                                                Come on, don't be that hard on yourself.

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                                                  Agreed - no need to be so hard on yourself...but I am very thankful that I wasn't losing my mind :)

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                                                  Don't worry, you were trying to help!

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                                                    Thanks for the consolations.

                                                    And I did add La Portena, so not a total loss....

                                          3. Camerons in Brick New Jersey has the best Black Pudding(Boudin Noir, Morcilla) in the Tri-State area. I'm Scottish and I do know the best, and they have it.

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                                              I forgot about this thread--and forgot how much I liked blood pudding.


                                            2. Have you tried East Village Meat Market on 2nd Ave. near 9th St? They have a Ukranian variant. A lot of their products are made in house and are high quality. Grab a "beer sausage" too, my most recent favorite.