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San Mateo - Lil' Biscuit House ... chicken fried steak ???

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Like I need another restaurant to put on my list in the San Mateo area, however has anyone tried this place?

Supposedly good fried chicken, chicken pot pie, and chicken fried steak with white sausage and sage gravy.

The Chron says of the fried chicken "It's double-breaded: coated in flour and spices, given time to absorb the flavors and form a crust, then coated again. The double-breading and dry spice mix create a crunchy seal that keeps the chicken moist without being greasy."

So, is this a place to keep in mind when I'm in the area?

SF Chron review


Link: http://www.findarticles.com/p/article...

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  1. As a lover of CFS, I cannot imagine sausage gravy instead of a classic cream or milk and black pepper gravy. I would think even if the suasage was sparse, it would still clash with the beef and make a heavy dish leaden. In my mind, sausage gravy goes over biscuits or toast only. If anyone has tried it, especially as a skeptic, I would love to get the report. The more details the better! (P.S. also very doubtful of pulled pork on sourdough...)

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      Being from Texas, the home of great CFS, I thought the exact same thing. Have NEVER seen sausage gravy with CFS, only cream or milk gravy. Sausage gravy is, as you point out, the gravy of biscuits and gravy fame.

    2. i don't remember what we had there (it wasn't the CFS because I'm not eating beef these days) but we liked it. It was funky and tasty. Not the sort of place you go for veggies.
      We did have hushpuppies -- my first time-- and they were great but i obviously can't compare them to anyone else's.

      1. Romolo's Cannoli Factory - home of the BEST cannoli according to my husband, the Freakish Cannoli Fiend.

        Note that Romolo's is closed for vacation until August 7th.

        I like the fact that they fill to order and you can order them in parts - the filling in a pastry bag & toppings separate so you can finish them at the last minute so the shell doesn't get soggy.

        1. the fried chicken is outragiouse as they mentioned
          we tried the cfs after reading the replies. It is wonderful. I cant say it was heavy and definently will order again. my freinds was not as tender as mine, but he loved the flavors

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            Thanks for the feedback, carolanne. Anthing else you like there?

            Lil' Biscuit House
            55 37th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403

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              We have gone back and tried about everything.The toasted ravioli app was great the french dip was deliciose the food server said 90%of there food is made from scratch so I think thats what Im jonesin' for.they have just added abar and hi def tv so it feels like eating at my house.

          2. I've eaten there twice. I don't remember what I ate the first time, the second time I had baby back ribs, that were terrific and very tender. I had a generous portion of garlic fries that were tasty tho just a tad too greasy.

            1. I have eaten here twice now. I jones for fried chicken so this is what I have had twice. You get a leg and a breast. The leg was fine but the breasts were overcooked and a bit dry. Edible but not excellent (like Gator's). Corn on the cob was good, soups were ok, a cream of chicken and mushroom (more mushrooom than chicken really), and man\c n cheese that I would pass next time, pasta shells swimming in a creamy Velvetta like stew. They are expanding so they have some demand so I am hopeful things will get better

              1. I have had there Fried Chicken which was very good on that day. Will be back for the CFS soon.

                1. This is my go to place for fried chicken ever since Ma Pinkies closed...their pulled pork is mehhh and their ribs weren't that great (meat was falling off the bone...maybe an off day?). I guess I'm not a fan of their bbq...

                  ...but their buffalo wings are actually my favorite item on their menu...will have to try their CFS the next time though

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                    I had both the fried chicken and the chicken fried steak when I was in the neighborhood last February. I liked the fried chicken a lot more. In fact I ordered it only after being unsatisfied by the cfs and it looked good passing by. CFS was OK, but nothing special. I'll order the chicken when I'm back in October. The biscuits were good too.

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                      I didn't care much for their pulled pork either, but our (extremely picky) 17-year-old LOVES it. It's her favorite restaurant because of it. She doesn't tolerate any fat in her meat (yes, she's skinny.) The only pulled pork she liked better was at The Elite in San Francisco.
                      We all love the Hush Puppies.
                      Next time, I'm trying the fried chicken.