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Dec 8, 2007 11:33 PM

Oxtail Soup

Does anyones know where to get good oxtail soup in the SGV? My grandfather loves this stuff and his birthday is this week. He's going to be 82 and I think he would love a bowl of good oxtail soup. He use to make it himself, but not anymore.

I know China Islamic has some oxtail dishes and he loves that place. But I'm looking for some soup. When we go to Vegas we always wait until midnight to get that oxtail soup special at the Cal for $3 or whatever it is.


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  1. I've had good oxtail noodle soup at 101 Noodle Express in Alhambra.

    1. I think your grandfather is refering to the same soup they serve at the Califorinia Club after 11pm for around $6.95? The only place that I know that serve it that way is in Torrance called Kappa's on Carson St. It used to be the old Ding How but is now a Hawaiian restaurant. My only complaint was that they didn't give enough oxtails when I ordered it It was mostly shiitake mushrooms and veggies. The accompanying side condiments of fresh grated ginger and chopped cilantro was adequate along with the scoops of rice on the side. They may serve it at other Hawaii type restaurants here in teh South Bay but nothing compares to the kind served in Las Vegas and in Hawaii. Kapiolani Drive In (Kam Bowling Alley) had the best but they are now closed. Hope you can find what your grandfather is craving in the SGV. The Chinese version may be different?

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        That's exactly what my Grandfather eats at the California Club. He loves it!

        I think maybe going to Torrance may be a little too much for him-with traffic and everything. I was worried that my only option would be places in the South Bay. I love going over there to much on some great food, but I don't know about him. He's usually "whatever" about his food. It's whatever other people want.

        My plan B would be taking him to J&J for dinner. He likes scallion pancakes (he ate them at China Islamic and loved them when I took him there) and it doesn't hurt that I still need to try that place to compare them with Mei Long Village.

        Thanks for the suggestions! The family are all going to Vegas for xmas this year so he'll have his soup then is we don't get to have it this week.

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