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Dec 8, 2007 11:14 PM

Suggestions for good red wines [Moved from Quebec board]

can anyone suggest to me some good red wines to buy as gifts for drs.....

Thank you

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Look here:

      Your question is soooooooooooooo broad, however, as to be extremely difficult to answer.

      Red? White? Rose? Sparkling? Fortified? other types?

      Dry? Off-dry? Sweet? REALLY sweet? something else?

      From Ontario? Quebec? British Colombia?

      From the U.S.? California? Washington? Oregon? New Mexico? New York? Virginia?Pennsylvania? other states?

      France? Germany? Italy? Spain? Portugal? Germany? Austria? Hungary? Greece? other European countries?

      Chile? Argentina? Uraguay? Brazil? Australia? New Zealand? Israel? Lebanon? elsewhere in the world?

      And isn't this all somewhat restricted by what the Quebequois authorities keep in stock?

      If you can narrow this down a bit . . . recommendations will come flooding in.

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      1. re: zin1953

        "And isn't this all somewhat restricted by what the Quebequois authorities keep in stock?"

        Yes, but on the bright side s/he can order online from a subset of the beloved monopoly's offerings and have purchases delivered directly to the recipients, complete with personalized greeting. (And the bottles attractively swathed in bubble wrap and cardboard.)

        I suggest the poster head over to and click through to the Gift Shop, which has about 300 gift boxes of which 104 have wine (plus glasses, decanters and the like in many cases), and shop by budget and whatever they know about the recipient's taste. If purchases miss the mark, it's all easily exchanged by dropping by any outlet. (Double-check that last bit before buying.)

        1. re: Mr F

          Yes, if you are getting wine from the SAQ, it can easily be exchanged for something else if it isn't to the taste of the recipient. So don't worry! Choose your price range and you can buy anything you want. You must be a very nice patient! Your doctors will appreciate anything you get for them, they will just be touched by your thoughtfulness.

          1. re: moh

            Now that I'm facing a similar dilemma myself, including knowing nothing about the recipient's taste, I think the way to go is a gift card. It's not quite as nice as receiving a bottle, but it doesn't put the recipient in the position of having to pretend to like the selection or go through the hassle of doing an exchange. At worst, the recipient is a teetotaller who will have to re-gift the card.

        2. re: zin1953

          "And isn't this all somewhat restricted by what the Quebequois authorities keep in stock?"

          Couldn't the same question be asked about any merchant? In any case, the OP shouldn't have trouble finding suitable gifts from among the 4,448 red wines currently on offer or the many others s/he could order through agents (aka private importers). But before making reccos, I'd certainly want to know more about the OP's price range and the preferences of the intended recipients.

        3. You can never go wrong with Vintage Port. 1994 and 2000 are particularly nice. If you can't find these, 2003 is quite youngish but a great gift for cellaring.

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          1. re: Chicago Mike

            Personally, I think the 1994 and 200 are rather "youngish," too . . .

            1. re: zin1953

              They are (esp the 2000), but I'm assuming he might get price shock from older bottles.