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Dec 8, 2007 09:54 PM

Another birthday dinner at Queue de Cheval

The two things I miss most about Montreal are the good food...and the beautiful women ;)

By coincidence, for the second year in a row I was back in my hometown for my birthday, which meant another dinner at one of my favourite hometown restos, Queue de Cheval.

The meal was incredible...

my appetizer...steak cut tomatoes with blue cheese...fortunately with a huge amount of blue cheese...unfortunately with a huge mound of onions (which i did not eat).

next course, bone-in filet mignon! although this (18 oz.) cut of meat is on their menu, it is not always available...lucky me! This time I decided to try it with their gorgonzola butter and I was not disappointed! Nice touch to include a clove of garlic. As usual, I ordered the (incredible) creamed spinach and a baked potato (I must add that my friend's garlic mashed potatoes were awesome..something to keep in mind for future visits


Next the waitors SCREAMED a happy birthday song for me...presentation of the birthday "cake" was great but it was a bit too rich for me...

I finished it off with strawberries marinated in balsamic and covered in mascarpone cheese

as always, service was incredible...i like the usual formula of showing samples of the food with explanations and then showing your specific general, I really like the vibe (not pretentious at fact they like to joke around)...and the atmosphere was just as beautiful as ever (and that includes the five girls up-front ;)


oh, and some additional pics...

2 pound Jamaican lobster tail anyone?

not enough? how about a 10 pound lobster then?


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  1. OMG thank you! Thank you for posting this, I am waiting to go for my forthieth birthday as we break the bank when we go there, I don't care what others say, I love Queue de Cheval for all that it is, I go there to experience what they give and I have never been let down. Thank you again, the pictures are great, my mouth is watering and suffice it to say, two years seems a long time away

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    1. re: Richelle

      Glad to be of help!

      are you going to try their $750 caviar appetizer or the $350 neptune platter?

      I will try to find my pics from last year...

      1. re: loftman

        Sorry, but I for one don't get it. The prices, the whole "thing". Ostentatious and pretentious - that's what that place is to me. None of the plates you show demonstrate any kind of cooking skill (the baked potato looks a tad overdone, the pile of cheese and tomatoes and onion unappetizing) or plating skill - oooh a drizzle of chocolate sauce with a dessert!

        Sorry, but I just don't get it.

        But that's me.

        Glad you enjoyed it, and Richele - well, happy birthday a tad early!

        1. re: maisonbistro

          ostentatious? of course! that's the whole point! sure there are places with better food but nobody does "over the top" don't just go there for the food, rather for the "experience"

          pretentious? not in my experience...I have been there quite a few times and never got the "snobby" vibe...e.g. one of my guests ordered a creme caramel and was served a creme brulee by mistake...they apologized and took his plate immediately and replaced it with a DOUBLE portion, custom made with layers of wafers

          Speaking of prices...

          tomato appetizer $16
          Bone in filet mignon $59
          Gorgonzola butter $3
          Creamy spinach $12
          Baked potato $6
          Strawberries $16
          Birthday cake $0
          Diet coke $3

          1. re: loftman

            That's $115 for a steak and baked potato with a few slices of tomato for appetizer and a bowl of strawberries for dessert. Large portions, yes, but what's the point? The ingredients are really not that special - their steak is okay, but really...Sorry, but I just don't get the "experience" part of it - and yes, I have eaten there before.

            And that lobster tail? Who can possibly finish a two-pound lobster tail without feeling ill afterwards? But maybe that's just me.

            1. re: cherylmtl

              I think the 'experience' is being treated like a big spender.

              Not my thing at all, but some like it.

              1. re: C70

       someone smarter (or more of a "food connoissuer) for going to a place like Toque, spending the same $150 and then going home and ordering a pizza because the portions were so miniscule? (although they looked great centred on the white plates with the sauce strategically and artistically applied)??? Is that a better bargain? I guess that's another topic of discussion...

                1. re: loftman

                  That's the other extreme. However, were one to spend that $150 at Club Chasse et Peche, in my experience they would have an excellent meal, with more than enough food to satisfy. And no attitude...

                  1. re: cherylmtl

                    I agree 100% about LCC&P and while I've never been snubbed at the Queue, I do find the obsequiousness off-putting. C70 hits it right on the nose about the experience, I think. The Queue provides an opportunity for newly rich people to flash their cash. It's bad taste to some, irritating to many, but there's nothing inherently evil about flaunting new found status. (The bullying behavior of the Q management is another story.) Likewise there's nothing wrong with liking steak. Just neither status nor steak fit my idea of a transcendent food experience.

                  2. re: loftman

                    It would seem we can't even discuss it here because some posts get yanked.

                    One of my favourite places to eat is Lemeac, and I never ever go home hungry. I'm also thinking most patrons leaving APDC aren't exaclty seeking out a midnight snack!

                    But hey, like I said in my original answer to you, food and tastes are very personal and those were just my opinions - not a personal attack or anything. And anyways, someone must be enjoying QDC because it's still open and going strong - so go, enjoy!!

                    Happy Holidays

      2. Sorry, QdC is black balled since the MaƮtre D proudly (?) assured me that they did NOT serve any Canadian meats...I guess that is what you have to say to pander to the parvenus who frequent this upscale Moe's.