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Dec 8, 2007 07:21 PM

Paris Dinner in December

I previously posted and got some good feed back about some dinners in paris during the nights between Christmas and New Years.

The following are places we are leaning towards:

L'Ardoise in the 1st
Angl'Opera in the 2nd
Petrelle in the 9th
Le Dome du Marais in the 4th
Le Temps au Temps in the 11th
La Ferrandaise in the 6th
Le Timbre in the 6th
Gaya Rive Gauche in the 7th

I would really appreciate any comments or alternative ideas for four dinners for 75-100 euros per person.

Thanks a ton, and I promise to report back on wherever we end up.

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  1. If I remember well, Le Timbre is usually closed over the entire holiday season.
    As for La Ferrandaise, check open days as well. It's the type of tiny bistrots often closed as well, at least for some days.