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Two new Milford CT rests: Bin 100 and Bridge House

I see that both of these restaurants have opened. Don't know much about either.

Bin 100 is on the corner of Landsdale Avenue and Bridgeport Avenue and Bridge House is down in Devon on the left before you get to the Devon/Stratford Bridge, both right off Exit 34 of I-95..

The only thing I found on Bin 100 is from Craig's List saying it is an "upscale" restaurant in its employment ad and that candidates with wine knowledge are a plus, so I'm guessing maybe this is like a winebar/upscale restaurant. (I think a rest with a similar name in Hartford exists.) Looks really cool from the street. The old Bikram Yoga Studio has been transformed into a store-front hip looking place. 203/882-1400.

Bridge House is where Bel-Air Seafood used to be years and years ago and then a church had renovating there but that never came to fruition and then this restaurant completely renovated again, added parking and has opened. I don't know anything about this place

Please let us know if you dare to be one of the firsts to try or have any other info you can share..

P.S. I also heard that Red Fin in Stratford, CT (just over the bridge) closed,claiming the reason as the new BJ's patrons were going to take all their parking spots! Oh well. . . that was short-lived.

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  1. i have tried both Bin 100 and the Bridge House.....Now before I give my short "review" let me first say that its my first such review on this site and also that I am a Chef who has worked in and ran some of the busiest and best places throughout Fairfield County.

    Bin 100: is the FAR better place of the two very simply stated, Better Chef and MUCH better food. I have tried only a few entree on there menu but I think I have had all of the "smaller plates" and of them the sliders are my choice. I have to also say that the churros on the dessert menu are worth a drive from ANYWHERE as the are by far the best I have ever had and they are made fresh as soon as you order them so when they hit your table they are HOT crunchy and amazing. Now there is NO place that is perfect and this in no exception the owner while she seems like a nice lady needs to either put her kids to work in the kitchen or send them home as it seems everytime I go there they are sitting in different spaces in the place just kind of sitting there at the bar or at the hostess stand slouched in a chair or what-not. I also saw a plunger in plain view in the mens room. OVERALL I love the food I LOVE the design inside but the "teen daycare" feel needs to change before they get busy. And one more thing.....I think they should get a "semi-private" area for staff and ownership to eat in my opinion the bar is not the place to eat your dinner every night. Will not stop going back cause its the best place in Milford already just hope they "tighten up" all the loose ends or even better hire a General Manager with fine dining experience.

    Bridge House: First off the parking that the original poster mentioned was full while the restaurant was less the 30% full, had to walk on the post rd and down a side street to get to our car after dinner. The place just like the "BIN" is beautiful inside you can tell that they took there time while building it. We had some apps and my guest had the snapper, I had the short "rib" which albeit very tiny was spot on all of the flavors were right and the pumpkin seeds finished the dish perfectly, also had the mac n cheese which I felt was a bit salty(I love salt and use it VERY liberally in my kitchen) but to me this one was a bit on the salty side and I can only imagine what your run of the mill old Milford lady would say about the salt level "Way to much" which was just what my aunt told me about it after she tried it. Also I had the samosa here is where I was a bit let down, the filling was weak the dipping sauce though called "fiery mango" was not spice at all and the salad that it was perched on was not even OK. The snapper was VERY over cooked and dry along with the mango and papaya being about 6 months out of season and boy did they taste it. I did love the bread pudding very much although you could very clearly taste boxed vanilla pudding mix in it dont know why but it was there. The service here was not good at all we saw our server when we sat down and after that delt with a trainee and a bus girl who when we said "thank you" for filling up our water her responce more the five times was......YUP! Now I know the talent pool for "fine dining" or "upscale" servers is not in Milford or surrounding towns but Bin 100 seems to have it down after just a few weeks.

    overall both places were good "Bin100" like I said is the better of the two but I get the feeling that neither place has very much "upscale" background (aside from the chef at Bin) and needs to learn that you must do more to gain upscale status besides charge 24 dollars for and entree or offer sparking or still water.......

    thanks for reading and eat well!

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      Thank you so much for your report. It was a fabulous first-time review. We love to hear from fine chefs. Anyway, your impression of the 'youngsters' hanging out at Bin drives me crazy--I remember that from that Red Fin place in Stratford that has since closed down. And I totally agree about your comment about places having to 'do more to gain upscale status beside charging 24 dollars'--this is such a true statement. I never mind paying for great food but sometimes it is so unwarranted at wanna-be places. Well. . . I have reservations at Bin tonight and will let you know my opinion too. Thanks again!

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          Some parts are still under contruction. Prices not listed.

    2. I have been to both places, although I only went for a glass of wine at Bin. The inside of the restaurant is very nice and the wine list had some great selections. Unfortunately I did not have anything to eat but the menu seemed very interesting, I will be sure to go back for a meal. I did have dinner at the bridge House and I was quite pleased with the experience. This restaurant is by no means a upscale place. The atmosphere is very comfortable and was very well done. The mahogany wood tables and bar are absolutely beautiful. The menu prices are very reasonable, I think the menu said something for everyone and that is exactly what is was. This is exactly what Devon needs. Some creative apps, salads, burgers and even a great selection of main courses that were very unique. My guest and I had shared a few dishes starting with the salt baked baby beets which the waiter explained that the beets are baked in salt which acts like a oven and the beets actually cook in their own juices. The most intense beet flavor I have ever experienced. The mini "Tacos" of yellow fin tuna was very creative served with yuzu a japanese citrus, a very fun dish to eat. The main course selections were some the best comfort food preparations I have had in a long time. The short Ribs were cooked perfectly and the hint of ginger and lemongrass lightened the flavor profile of the dish. The braised pork shank was prepared extremely well and it was finished with gremolata a mixture of lemon , parsley and garlic. The chef really seems to know about comfort food, using flavors to balance the taste of braised items. The bread pudding and the freshly made sorbets were both executed very well. Service needed some work as well as the timing of the food but this is expected for a new restaurant. Parking is tight but as I was told you can park on both sides of the post road. This place does have something for everyone with seasonal ingredients and a moderately price wine list. A local eatery with something to say....GO DEVON!!!!!

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        We happened to drive by The Bridge House last night and thought we'd at least take a look at the menu so if we were in the area (our summer home is just a few minutes away) we'd know what to expect. Frankly, although we didn't eat there, I was surprised at the menu, based on "food and wine's" comments above. While it may not be considered "upscale" compared to a number of Fairfield county restaurants, it certainly is upscale for Devon! Also, I guess that in this day and age, "moderate" prices are not what they used to be! I was very surprised to see that for the most part, entrees were in the $20 - $25 range, definitely not what I expected from the description above, and given the new fine dining establishments in Milford (Bistro Basque, JohnnyRay's, Bin 100) all have entrees in this price range, I don't really think you could consider it a "neighborhood place."
        All that being said, it did look inviting and we will definitely check it out!

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          Yes I do agree with you that it may be upscale for Devon but at the end of the day it really is not upscale. Where in the area can you go dressed as you are and have a burger and a beer in that kind of atmosphere or if you choose to have a nicely prepared entree and a glass of wine at a good price point. I live in Devon and this is exactly what this part of Milford needs. In my opinion this is the way the restaurant industry needs to go, considering the demographics of the area.

        2. re: food and wine

          New to Chowhound but grew up with restaurant parents. I have been to Bridge house 3 times and I keep going back for the cavatelli!! I have had various soups, all amazing, especially carrot ginger, yum! If you want a true gastropub (their word, not mine..look it up!)experience, I think Bridge house is almost there.

        3. Bin 100 appears to have a website that is still under construction: www.bin100restaurant.com

          So, we went to Bin 100 on Friday night, 7PM reservations for two. We had a wonderful experience there and did not witness any of the "teen daycare" that Chef Lee experiences, thank goodness. Perhaps they read his post and nipped this in the bud! When we arrived, the restaurant was just under half full and stayed that way through our meal. The atmosphere is very warm and inviting and very nicely decorated. (Neither of us got to scope out the bathrooms, but I'm sure they were nice too.) When we left, the bar seating was all full except for the soft seating area. We had a wonderful waiter, I think his name was Daniel. He was fabulous and really added to our experience. Although relatively new there, he had the menu memorized and had immediate answers to all of our questions. It was clear that he, too, had a food background. So personable; he made what could have been a pretentious night out, very much not, even with the crumb sweeping going on, which I usually hate. The male manager was very gracious as well very in control of his restaurant, as were the unassuming floor staff. Daniel told us that the chef is of Portuguese decent, trained at the French Culinary Institute in NYC by way of a couple Greenwich restaurants. The bread was a fresh mix and served with this very nice roasted tomato spread. They started our meal with a complimentary shooter of apple and celery that was quite interesting and yummy. We are not drinkers so I cannot speak to their wine list. We started with the Buffalo sliders and Smokey Pork Egg Rolls. The egg rolls were our favorite and the asian slaw that they were served on was equally as crunchy delicious. I wish the sliders were served on a smaller bun; I found the amount of bread too much for the sweet morsel of burger and onion marmalade/salty ricotta within, but it was cute how the chef served it with this incredible tiny tofu "vanilla shake" shooter alongside--spin on American burger and shake. My DH and I split the Winter Caprese salad which I can honestly say has been one of the best I have ever had, even in the winter, the tomatoes were delicious and it had to be some of the softest, creamiest buffalo mozz I have ever tried--Daniel said they buy it from a third party. For our main meal, my DH had the Beef Short Rib (seems to be the trend at restaurants lately) which were really excellent over polenta with pickled cauliflower, pears with a red wine glaze. I had the Roasted Snapper with squash gnocchi, apples, cinnamon brown butter and toasted pumpkin seeds--I was worried about the cinnamon overpowering the fish, but just like someone else said, the fish was cooked perfectly. For dessert, I chose the Warm Chocolate Bread Pudding and my DH had the churros, which were great served with a small hot chocolate on the side.

          All in all, this was a great experience. The chef clearly likes to try a lot of the trendy things with the small cup concoctions, I saw a foam, and cheesecake lollipop (ala davidburke and donatella NYC), but it was great--we felt a bit like we were judges on the Top Chef. The evening we were there, they had a kale and potato soup special, which I'm sure with the chef's portugue background was probably amazing along with two entree specials that I can't remember. There are several other really appealing items on the menu that we didn't get to try such as grilled octopus salad with potato, apricots and preserved lemon; steamed mussels in a chorizo, lemongrass and coconut basil broth; Paella Valenciana for 2-6 persons and Spanish Barbecue for 2; Rabbit Fabada; and Angry Chicken among others.

          Do Go. and Enjoy! Keep this gem going in Milford. They are trying hard.

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            Correction: My DH found the receipt and our server's name was David, not Daniel. He was great.

          2. Hello everyone! This is my first posting! As I live in Connecticut and am passionate about finding great food, I am so happy to see so many new eateries opening in this area! Great reviews on these two places!

            Would any of you be able to tell me what kind of cuisine is served at Bin 100 and The Bridge House? Also, what is the dress attire for both? Many patrons in Milford dress casually at not-so-casual places.

            Thank you!

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              all_about: I have only been to Bin100 so far, and it is a quite hip place with a trendy atmosphere. When we were there on a Friday night, we dressed up a bit (business work attire, no jeans, etc.) but I did notice that there were some more casually dressed folks at other tables. So, I think you would feel OK if you went dressed down, but would probably feel better about yourself if you avoided messy jeans and t-shirts. However, in the same note, if you had a trendy pair of $200 jeans and a nice crisp shirt with cool shoes, you'd fit right in too. And, there's a link to Bin's website in an earlier post, but if I had to describe it, I would say meditteranean, asian, spanish, new american (?). Let us know what you think if you try one of these.

            2. We tried Bridge House recently and were very disappointed. As a resident of Devon, I hope they find a way to work out the problems in the kitchen so we finally have a decent restaurant in the area.
              I was pleasantly surprised to find Johnny Ray's - considering I drive by that building most weekday mornings. It wasn't until I was having my car washed across the street that I noticed this restaurant. The food was good, comfortable atmosphere, and the service was adequate.
              I'll have to try Bin 100 soon - although not close enough to walk (as is the case with Bridge House). After living in Devon for over 10 years having to go outside of town for better than average food, nice to have options close by.

              1. My sister went to Bridge House last night and said she had a wonderful meal. Scallops cooked perfectly and her boyfriend got a beef burgundy special. They loved it and the people who worked there. SHe also wanted to let everyone know that they have a banquet area downstairs, seats up to 70 I think.

                1. We went to Bin100 the other night for a drink and appetizer and we were blown away.
                  The restaurant is visually very pleasing to the eye. Nice lighting, interior design and, decorating. You can tell that someone put a lot of money, time and, dedication into planning out the restaurant and it looks great. After looking around we decided to pull up a seat at the bar order up a drink. My Manhattan was perfect and fairly large for a drink of that potency. After eying the menu for a little while we decided on choices and put in our order. A few minutes later a waiter came over with an amuse-bouche compliments of the chef. It was a delicious salmon tartar on a crispy flatbread drizzled with a flavored oil. It was a very nice touch and it was delicious.
                  Next our orders came. I ordered the Smokey Pork Egg Rolls, my wife, the Lamb Carpaccio and my brother in law ordered the Garlic Shrimp. Of course we all shared and I can tell you that everything was spot on. My egg rolls were crispy and almost flaky on the outside while the filling was smoky without being overpowering and the coffee barbecue sauce was a perfect pairing. My wife's lamb carpaccio came over sitting atop dollops of potato foam and were bite sized morsels of heaven. My brother in-laws garlic shrimp were also delicious. The garlic flavor was present but not overpowering and the bean ragout paired wonderfully with it.
                  As we sat there having a glass of wine mulling over how good our dishes were, another waiter came over and presented each of us with a buffalo slider, compliments of the chef. It came with a little sake/tofu milkshake the looked like a miniature egg cream. Once again, we were blown away. The miniature burger was served on a toasted onion roll and garnished with a onion marmalade and salty ricotta. If you go there, get this! It had a discernible difference in taste from a regular beef slider and it was cooked perfect. Buffalo has a tendency to dry out easily if overcooked but this looked cooked though and was not the least bit dry. The onion marmalade and roll made the dish.
                  If you're looking for a nice setting with some high quality, beautifully presented food look to bin100. Most of the apps were in the $10-$15 range with the entrees being $20-$25. Not bad if you consider the quality of the food you're getting. Do yourself a favor and stop in now before word spreads and there'll be a long wait for a table, you won't be dissapointed.

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                    We dined at Bin 100 on Sat night and I can safely agree that the praises that have been showered on it were completely justified. It was t totally enjoyable experience - the service was friendly and professional and each of the dishes were prepared and presented with skill. This is definitely a very welcome addition to Milford's dining scene. My only concern (if this could be called a concern) is whether it is, in fact, too upscale for the location. While I recognize that it has only been open for 5 weeks, it would seem to be a little disconcerting that at "prime time" on a Saturday night, less than half the tables were occupied.
                    We will definitely return soon!

                  2. I am going saturday night the 19th of Jan. I will post about our experience. Richie

                    1. We had dinnner here saturday night the 19th. I have to say the place is very nicely decorated inside. One of the main things that impressed me is that we were not rushed at all. We had a 3 hour leisurely dinner form 7-10pm. Our waiter was very knowledgeable and a very nice guy. Very well mannered! There were 4 in our party. We each had a drink to start, 5 apps,4 entrees,4 desserts, & 4 espressos,tea, etc came to $274.00 plus tip. For apps we tried the special stuffed calamari with paella rice stuffing which was the hit of the evening. I had the crispy fried calamari that looked like huge onion rings with a crispy hazelnut coating and creamy ponzu sauce. It was so good! We also had the buffalo sliders which were 3 small burgers(like White Castle style) with an onion marmalade aioli. That was a meal in itself. The last app was one of the salads which was also good. Entrees included the skirt steak special with a black bean and eggplant salsa, the short ribs which I had with a mascarpone polenta,very good, an ahi seared tuna special which Ray said was ok but not really exciting, He said he needed to be more savory and Jim had the rabbit that he liked but especially liked the chunks of pork fat that were in the dish. Overall we had a nice meal but we all agreed the appetizers tasted better than the entrees. We will definitely go back. It's has to be one of the best restaurants in Milford.

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                      1. re: javaandjazz

                        Which restaurant are you referring to?

                          1. re: javaandjazz

                            Forgot to mention we had a bottle of wine for $28 with our meal.

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                          We also had dinner at Bin 100 on Saturday the 19th. At arrival we were told there would be a wait for a table by the lovely hostess, the place was packed so we understood.We then decided to have a drink at the bar while we waited for a table. This turned out to be a great decision as the bar was not full and we were able to talk to the bartender about the restaurant all while sipping on two of the best martinis we've have ever had.He was very pleasant and knowledgeable on the menu, the quarky comments and jokes between him and the other bartender a female (why two bartenders on boggled me, new restaurant jitters I guess) started our night off just right.After being seated we were greated by a wonderful server...The menu is very "confusion" as are the specials but the server walked us threw it all with no problem. The food was delightful especially the winter caprese salad with buffalo mozzarella which my boyfriend and I both had as an appetizer.Oddly enough brought to our table by the bartender.Maybe thats why they have two on. All in all, a wonderful addition to milford!

                        2. After starting this thread back in December, we finally got to The Bridge House on Saturday night--7:30 reservations. We had a very enjoyable time. I enjoyed the more relaxed atmosphere, different than Bin 100. I thought it great that you can order something simple like a burger or go more fancy if you choose. We were lucky to snag a very cozy booth. My husband and I chose the more formal four-course route. My meal was wonderful. I started with the salt-roasted chopped beet over marinated goat cheese app--not a huge goat cheese fan, but never had marinated goat cheese before, wanted to try, and it was simply fabulous--beets were great like any ole roasted beet, but that marinated cheese was just terrific with it in a nice light sauce. I then had the BLT Romaine salad which to me was a spin on the usual wedge salad. The dressing was wonderful with a really nice tang of vinegar and very light--the waiter told me that during lunch hours, they cut up this salad and serve it in the form of a slaw as a side dish. For my entree I had their scallops over squash risotto that were just cooked brilliantly, incredible quality and smelled of the ocean. My husband had the crab cake, which I did not get to try--it was huge and in the form of a large croquette with an interesting yogurt sauce. He had the filet of beef special that he said was very good--cannot recall the sauce it came with, some sort of demiglace, along with a scalloped potatoesque side. The waiter explained that all desserts were prepared in-house and they had recently revised their dessert menu. I had profiteroles (2) that were served beautifully with an incredible fudge sauce in a demitasse on the side--they were OK--I've had better profiteroles--my favorite profiteroles are at Stonebridge of all places! My husband selected the brownie sundae with homemade marshmallow topping that was quite interesting looking--looked like a mushroom cap on top when it came out; he enjoyed it. Overall, we had a great time. Our particular young waiter enjoyed listening to himself talk but was very sweet. Everything we ordered, he made a comment about, "awesome choice," "best scallops you'll ever eat," "great choice again," "profiteroles are incredible--my mom's in the bar and just ate them and said they were great." He was really trying hard. Mentioned how they have done no advertising, and the place has been packed like crazy--"he's seen nothing like it and he's opened three restaurants." He was proud to be working there in a cute sort of way. He also offered to give me a tour of the banquet area where a party was going on--we said that was alright--we had heard how nice it was. The other waiter working that night seemed quite professional and reminded me of Tim Gunn from Project Runway. Everyone was working hard and very unintrusive; the manager was quite visible, making sure everything was going well.

                            1. Just another update I forgot to mention. Bridge House is extremely kid-friendly. We went on Saturday for lunch, and they had an incredible children's menu with fun items and special desserts. Says they will soon offer kid birthday parties in their banquet room and kid cooking classes. I probably wouldn't bring a child at night, but for lunch a great place for those who have well-behaved future foodies on their hands.

                              1. We stopped into bin100 again last night for Valentines Day and the place was packed. A good sign. They had a special menu for the night. We just had a couple of apps and a couple glasses of wine but everything was delicious once again. We had the poached oysters and the ribs w/chocolate bbq sauce. (you can see the Valentines Day connection). The depth of flavors in the ribs was unreal, a beautiful slightly sweet and spicy sauce, encrusted the ribs, they were delicious and the oysters were just as good. My only complaint is the fact that I could have eaten about 2 dozen oysters in a heart beat but this is food that really needs to be savored and not scarfed down.

                                1. The wine pours at The Bridge House are ridiculously small. The wine list does not warrant NYC prices and pours. I had such a hard time getting over the terrible pour that I didnt even pay attention to the food. It was a lousy way to start a meal that I thought could have had potential. I felt as if I was being cheated. It isn't terribly professional for the bartender to be measureing the pour off a sample glass either.

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                                    I agree about the wine pours. We went there last night for a late bite - had each a glass of wine and an appetizer in the bar, The place was very busy for a Thurs. night. The wine was delicious, BTW - just wished there was more of it for the $10 or so per glass.

                                    I had the goat cheese and beet salad. It was tasty although not as described on the menu - decorated with a big hunk of frisee instead of oranges as specified (is there a sale on frisee in Milford, I wonder?). By husband got the mac and cheese. It was cold in the center when it came out, so he sent it back and it returned several minutes later piping hot. It was not that cheesy, though - more like a pasta with bechamel and little pieces of fried veal.

                                    We'd like to go back again and try a full meal.

                                  2. Had lunch at Bin 100 on Tuesday, the 26th. It has a nice interior and with a little work you would not know you were on the corner of a shopping strip, by the street. Still it seemed very quiet, with nice unobtrusive music. We ordered wine from the good "wine by the glass" list. The waiter was VERY knowlegable about wines and suggested I try an different one. I thought I knew something about Chilean wines.....
                                    I had the shrimp bisque. It was delightful, but a little weak on the pieces of shrimp. The bread was good. My partner had the "angry chicken wrap". Slightly spicy, it was good. I had the beef short-rib sandwich with lettuce frisse. An excellent sandwich! Both came with a "cone" of good fries. We skipped dessert. I had to drive....
                                    This was a very nice lunch and we will go back!

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                                    1. re: Scargod

                                      I've reposted the images (here) that I had in my Feb 28, 2008 post

                                    2. I haven't been to Bin 100, but I know through sales people I deal with that the owner is part of the same family that does Luce (Raffaello's) in Hamden, Tenderloins in Branford and Goodfellas in New Haven who are in there own individual ways talented chefs and owners bring different elements to their own restaurants. I am looking forward to going there soon.

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                                        Had dinner at Bin 100 this evening. It seemed to be rather empty and after seeing (and tasting) the entree my poor wife received tonight I know why. She ordered something called "flattened chicken." The waiter desribed it as coming with a sauce if eggplant and a vinagarette of sorts. This is not what the menu stated but he insisted that he was correct. What she actually received was nothing more than an enormous (and overdone) breaded chicken cutlet with (also overcooked) red peppers and a huge mound of frisee on top of it. It was nearly tasteless and one of the most uninspiring meals I have encountered at a high end restaurant. This chicken cutlet cost $22.00. My wife made her concerns known to our waiter who was polite and asked what he could do for us. I was hoping she would ask for something different but she said no. We were charged full price.

                                        I had a grilled scallop special which was serviceable (and very tiny, especially in comparison to the enormous portion of chicken my wife rec'd) but nothing special.

                                        I hope it was just a bad night in the kitchen but I don't think we'll be back.

                                        1. re: kwhitehead

                                          Ewww..that sounds horrible. The place was recetly written up very well in the New Haven Register, I believe. Considering the weather...maybe it was an off night.

                                          1. re: vino5150

                                            We've eaten there twice and loved it both times (as did all of our dining companions). We are very particular "foodies" and nothing we've been served at either dinner was anything less than wonderful. The owner, Elena, is very gracious and I am sure that if your displeasure was brought to her attention, she would have rectified it.
                                            Next time, let me recommend the winter caprese salad (absolutely delicious), the 7 hour shortribs (outstanding) and the snapper. If you are a fan of octopus, the appetizer that one of our dining companions had on our first visit was tender and delicious.

                                            1. re: lsnhc

                                              Acutally, we had the Caprese salad and it was delicious...the high point of the meal.

                                              As for the situation being recitified I guess we were probably thinking it would be rectified when the bill came. The waiter was aware of our dissatisfaction (and the meal was nearly untouched.) Charging us for the mess showed us that the waiter (and restaurant) were not attuned to a situation they should have been.

                                              1. re: lsnhc

                                                i went to Bin 100 last night, a party of 6 people. Waitstaff was very attentive.
                                                Bread was tough, but tasty. with the bread a sun-dried tomato pesto was served(tasted like tomato paste from the little can).
                                                Also, we were presented with a complimentary bite (amuse-bouche) of roasted vegetables on a potato chip, interesting. They should serve olive oil with the bread.

                                                the specials were announced with the arrival of the menus, which was fine.
                                                i got the 7-hour beef short rib with marscarpone polenta. that was very good. the garnish sprinkled on top of the beef was bits of pickled cauliflower and 3 cubes of pear. the cauliflower was unnecessary, and there should have been more pear.

                                                other diners at my table got the aforementioned flattened chicken(cutlet with dried frissee salad-ripoff), salmon, snapper, and bass, and another short rib. overall the portions seemed small for the prices, but everyone agreed they were flavorful and something different.

                                                i passed on dessert, but others got the churros- big portion, sorbet, and warm chocolate bread pudding. desserts all looked good.

                                                this place has more of a spanish influence i think, than an asian influence. hard to tell.

                                                quite a few tables were occupied for a tuesday night, which was good.

                                                i like the atmosphere, the decor, and the "something different" factor. thought it was a little pricey for the entrees.

                                                1. re: Ms. S

                                                  Funny, I thought the exact same thing about their pesto. Very uninspired.
                                                  I, too, think the amount of frisee they use is over-the-top, doesn't add value and the "cool look" of it doesn't mean much to the sophisticated foodie. I enjoyed the bread when we were there. Perhaps I like it "tougher" but then bread can easily vary some in texture.
                                                  Sounds like you had a fairly good meal, in all. We want to go back, so I hope they are listening and that they succeed.

                                        2. Bistro Basque for dinner last night.....
                                          Our first time there; when we showed up at almost six we barely made it under the wire for getting seated quickly. It filled up fast.
                                          An interesting note is the owner or manager (seemed French and was active throughout the restaurant) moved a two-top closer to us and explained that he was making room for a couple with a small child in a carrier. When they arrived, he never crammed anyone into the vacant two-top between us, which was very thoughtful. So this couple with an infant, essentially got a four-top space! This was typical of how the rest of the service was; top-notch!
                                          The bread comes early and you get all you want. It was warm and wonderful with a nice crust and medium chew to go with the huge air it had! Really nice artisan bread. A very light olive oil was presented for dipping. We had goose liver with pear and a balsamic reduction, red pepper stuffed with a crab mix, guacamole with shrimp and octopus. The octopus was good and tender, don't get me wrong, but it was uninspired and somewhat bland. It came with a few potato slices with dabs of a rather bland red (?) on them. We drank mojitos and then a glass of wine each and had a thoroughly wonderful meal.
                                          This place is small and gets a little noisy when packed, though they have done about all they can do to address noise. I would have to say that sound dampening was thought about and designed-in about as well as any restaurant I have been to in the area.
                                          When you go to the restrooms you will enter the kitchen area and what an amazing job they do out of such a tiny space!
                                          I really want to go back soon and sample more of the menu.

                                          1. Dined at the Bridge House last week on a Tuesday evening. I have wanted to try it since it opened in my local neighborhood and have watched the owners gut the building completely for the last year plus. The renovations to the building are quite nice and its a big plus for the neighborhood which is in total need of a face lift. The food was very good. New places need time though to work out the kinks. Parking is tough, eventhough the restaurant was not too busy, the parking lot was full probably due to people in the bar area. I'm also assuming they were understaffed the night we went since the hostess (who appears to be from the former Redfin) was setting tables, pouring water as well as doing other tasks. Our waiter was a bit scattered and forgot our drink order. I don't know if this is the norm there, but be prepared to wait a long time before receiving each course. We were seated at 6:30pm and did not receive our soup/salad until 7pm. The main entree was delivered by the hostess and a ktichen prep guy as they did not have a food runner and that wasn't delivered until 7:15pm. We assumed there must have been a back up in the kitchen b/c at one point we looked around the dining room and noticed that at least four tables were waiting for their entrees all at the same time. I will say on the positive note, the food was delicious and the soup was served very hot. I guess you have to cut them some slack as they are a new establishment and haven't quite figured out how to run the dining room just yet. Pros: good food Cons:service, wait time and parking.

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                                            1. re: lvhalfpint

                                              Went to Bridge House two weeks ago, also on a Tuesday evening. they were having a wine event in the room downstairs, so parking lot was packed. had to park across the street and pray not to get hit on Rt 1.

                                              the host and waitress were very nice. i had a group of 8 people. the menu is good in that there is a lot of variety- something for everyone. i would describe it as upscale american. i had the famous meatloaf- it was good- big portion- served with mashed potatoes, broccoli, and frizzled onions. others at my table had the salmon salad, scallops, and cod. they raved about the scallops.

                                              my meatloaf entree was $16, and the prices of other entrees ranged between 16-30. they have steak, ribs, seafood, chicken, etc.

                                              we eyeballed a huge chocolatey dessert at another table, but we could not fit dessert. maybe next time.

                                              the decor is nice- beautiful place for milford. i will definitely be back there.

                                            2. Recently had dinner at Bin 100. Could hardly beleive how the old yoga studio was transformed. They did a great job with the space. Off to a great start with gracious and attentive service and OMG an amuse! I Kept elbowing my spouse exclaiming "I can't beleive we are in Milford!" Our amuse was one of those little fried risotto balls (don't remember what they are called) on a little pool of creamy red sauce. Ciabatta-like rolls were served with a flouish and flavored butter. When our rolls were replentished we were served more butter without having to ask. Arugula salad with pears and lemon marscapone dressing was nice and some interesting pork (I think) egg rolls with a great jicama/avacado slaw were winners. For an entree we chose an "open face lasagna" which was reminded me of a pizza but my sweetie liked it. I had a roasted chicken that was tender but appeared "grilled" not roasted and a lime marinade/sauce was a little over-limey but chorizo mashed potatoes were a nice foil for the chicken. The grilled asperagus (sp?) was yummy. Desserts looked great and we went for the churros- yum! Coffee service was nice and the dessert Martinis actually looked sort of appealing. Great service (a "napkin-fold" as well...) and a tasty inventive menu. We will be back. I want to try their short ribs (they weren't on the menu that night...)

                                              1. So, 6 of us went to Bin 100 on a Sunday night to celebrate my best friends b-day! We had a great experience!!! The staff was warm and welcoming as soon as we step foot in the door. We came for CT Restaurant Week in which they had a super great special!! (I think it runs through Friday 11/21 only so hurry!!) Our meal was delicious, delightful and just the right portion. Everything was soo good that we each tried eachothers food just to get a taste of everything. The ladies enjoyed yummy pomegranate & apple martinis. The waiter was awesome and best of all, they served this amazing butter infused with sundried tomatoes. Not to mention the place itself was gorgeous and we loved the sophisticated/hip/urbane/chic feel. Personally I had the Roasted Pork Loin which was sausage stuffed pork loin topped with a perreronata and served over cheese polenta and for dessert I had a Tres Leches sponge cake bathed in "three milks", topped with carmelized bananas and coconut rum sauce. The Birthday Boy had a Pumpkin Creme Brulee which was also amazing! Everyone took great care of us. Anyhow, based on our experience we all agreed that we would go again! Hopefully soon!! =)