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Dec 8, 2007 06:19 PM

Fresh Tortillas?

I guess I should try a latin-american market, but does anyone know a good place where I can buy freshly-made tortillas for home use? Corn or flour.

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  1. No clue. I wish I knew though!

    1. The only fresh flour tortillas that I know of are at San Miguel Tacos. You should call to see if you can buy them seperately.

      1. heads up folks... there's a brand new Latin American Grocery in Mid-City, corner of Tulane Ave. & S. Clark St. right by the old Albertson's.

        I didn't see fresh tortillas, but they do carry a brand of corn tortillas that looked much fresher than the ones you get at the supermarket. They also carry a ton of Queso, some produce, Honduran Cokes with real cane sugar, other soft drinks including the mexican Fresca (with sugar, not nutra-sweet)..... it's not nearly as good as the old Union Supermarket, but it looks like they plan to add more shelves & items in the near future.

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          AMAZING, thank you! This is exciting news for me.