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Dec 8, 2007 05:38 PM

What happened to Anna Mia's?

We loved Anna Mia's in Middle Village and had been going nearly every Saturday for her heavenly cannolis. We forgot about going after seeing a vacation sign some time in the summer. When we recently tried to go there in Oct/Nov, it has been closed with no sign on the door explaining why. We tried calling but the phone has been disconnected.

This is so tragic as there is simply NOWHERE ELSE that one can find the special cannolis that Anna makes. Does any one have any information on what happened to Anna Mia's? Or whether there is a restaurant that still sells her pastries???

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  1. We tried to order cannolis for Thanksgiving and the phone # was disconnected. I am totally crushed! I love their cannolis.
    The sign is still in the window but no explanation. I pass there everyday on my way home, looking for some sort of sign or something. If I hear anything. I will let you know.

    1. drove by this place a couple of saturdays ago, and the place was closed. tried calling the number, but as the OP mentioned, it's been disconnected.

      major bummer. looks like it's gone for good.

      does anyone know what happened? and does anyone know anna mia personally? perhaps she gave up on the storefront business and works exclusively out of her own house now. i'm hoping against hope that she's still in business somewhere, as her baked goods were fantastic.

      it's bad enough that she disappeared so suddenly and mysteriously, but it's even worse that we don't even have an explanation or the faintest hint of her whereabouts.

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          As far as I know from when they first opened the storefront was strictly a a labor of love by Anna Mia's mother. They would only open Saturday for limited hours. She had a regular catering business with commercial accounts that occupied her all week. The Saturday thing was just an idea her mom came up with. If I recall Anna always looked uncomfortable there while her mother was very happy to talk with customers and work the counter. The mother was vey charming and a real people person. I would guess Anna decided to close down the retail side of her business.

          1. re: fcara

            thanks for the info. i totally agree with you about the mother being very personable and anna mia being a little standoffish (or perhaps she was just stressed). and you're probably right that anna mia decided the saturday retail aspect wasn't worth her time. it's too bad, though - i wish she'd given some sort of notice or some avenue for her saturday non-catering customers to contact her.

            hopefully someone who has her catering contact info can post it's so difficult finding a place like this with such delicious, homemade goods.

            1. re: lebron

              Heard from a friend that Anna had a baby & the Saturday business was just too much for her. She is only doing her catering business. If I hear any more info, will be sure to post...

      1. I know that some mentioned that Anna appeared uncomfortable, while her mom, Betty was very garrulous, but Anna was just shy. Both are amazing women with huge hearts.

        Still trying to find her.

        When I was undergoing Cancer treatment, she drove, in a snow storm, and brought me her famous cannoli! I never had the opportunity to thank her....