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Dec 8, 2007 05:33 PM

Honey walnut prawns, hot & sour soup

I'm trying to find a Chinese restaurant that has honey walnut prawns? You know- deep fried shrimp in a sweet, mayonnaise sauce with candied walnuts. It's usually served on a bed of shredded iceberg. I used to get this in the Bay Area all the time, but haven't been able to find it in NYC yet.

Also- can anyone recommend a place for really good hot & sour soup? So far, it's all been somewhat mediocre.

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  1. For "regular" restaurants, I've seen the prawns on China Fun's menu. Can't stand mayo so I've never had it, but most of their food is at least decent (though not, as I recall, the one on the east side which is was surprisingly bad compared to the ones on Columbus Ave (72nd) and Broadway (52nd) the one time I tried it several years ago.

    I feel your pain about the H&S soup - I don't like it either "too authentic" (no blood cubes, please) or too pale and anemic. One place in my neighborhood was pretty good but got rent-hiked out of existence after about 30+ years....

    1. Grand Schezwan has good honey walnut prawns. I also recommend the soup dumplings and steamed broccoli.