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Dec 8, 2007 05:13 PM

New to Providence

I have just moved to Providence (Wayland Square) and would love some ideas of where to go.
I've wandered over to Red Stripe a couple of times because it's only two minutes away, and I have also been to the Garden Grille with some friends. Red Stripe has treated me well, in general. I can have decent wine by the glass and I like their small plates. Their house cured smoked salmon is really a treat. My only complaint was the amount of smoke (and fishy smells) wafting out from the open kitchen on one of the nights I was there. None the less, it is a convenient neighborhood spot and I have really enjoyed having it close by during this hectic time when I am unpacking boxes and dealing with the details of my move. It seems I am there early enough to avoid the noise which I have read about.

I am a single woman and enjoy eating alone but the environment needs to be comfortable enough that I do not feel like the object of too much curiousity. I don't mind sitting at the bar but like sitting at a table if the bar is too crazy. I'll eat anything as long as I can stay away from lima beans. Good wine by the glass is a plus, too.

Thanks for any advice. I only know a few people in Providence so this is all new to me. Any advice is welcome. I'll report back in.

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  1. Be sure to check out La Laiterie in Wayland Square.

    La Laiterie
    184-188 Wayland Avenue, Providence, RI 02906

    1. Welcome to Wayland Square! I live there as well and love it. In the Square proper, there is:

      - Farmstead: Wonderful food, high quality, great experience
      - Twist: Affordable, fun menu. Big portions. Something for everyone. Hipsters in their 20's dine with folks in their 70's and it feels equally at home to everyone...
      - Haruki: Solid, if uninspired, sushi. I personally find the interior cold and bland, others feel its hip... I personally prefer Sakura or Tokyo on Wickenden...
      - Minerva pizza: Inexpensive Greek style pizza (which I personally don't like). They don't sell slices...
      - Ruffles: Local institution for breakfast. Super cheap, super fast, super average...
      - Spoons: It's open for, like, an hour a day for lunch when they feel like it. I refuse to patronize a business that runs its hours like a hobby...
      - Waterman Grille (Richmond Square): Solid New American and seafood with great river views.

      - Best, closest Thai: Sawaddee on Hope
      - ", " Korean: Sun and Moon in East Providence
      - ", " Chinese: None on the East Side... It's MuMu on Federal Hill, Iron Wok in Seekonk, or Lucky Garden in N. Prov for me...
      - ", " Italian: Pizzico, in Hope Village (although it's a bit tired)
      - ", " Pizza: Pizza-Pier on Wickenden
      - ", " Indian: Lots, actually. Kabob and Curry on Thayer, Not Just Snacks on Hope, and Taste of India on Wickenden.
      - ", " open late: Creperie, hidden in the alley behind Au Bon Pain off Thayer

      Hope this helps!

      - Garris

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        This is a HUGE help! Many thanks. I will report back in as I make my way around the area. I hope to go to the Waterman Grille this weekend when some of my family members will be around. Thanks for all of this.

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          garris you selling real estate in wayland square or what!!wow ,the east side is going off!

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          I think Minerva's is best not for their pizza, but for pitchers of Bass with frosty mugs, chicken wings, and the occasional calzone. When I lived in Wayland Square a few years ago it was the only restaurant there - can you believe it?

        3. Go to Olga's Cup and Saucer for breakfast.

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            They have a great weekend brunch -- sometimes with live music. Very low-key and mellow, lots of people dining alone. Baked goods are pricey but I think their brunch dishes are worth it.

          2. Hi MVI! I've eaten solo at La Laiterie a few the bar and once at a window seat along the counter looking out to the sidewalk. Felt very comfortable in both spots. I haven't been to Twist in a while but enjoyed that....went w/friends but wouldn't feel funny walking in their alone.

            I love LOVE Waterman Grille - although I'll admit I mostly love the bldg, only been for dinner once (former incarnation was The Gatehouse and that is the place I truly loved). On your way in, check out the adorable (and pricey) giftshop called Simple Pleasures - it's housed in the small separate brick bldg just before the entrance.

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              This is all so helpful. I am going out three or four times within the next few days as I have family visiting so I will report back in. Although I will be with a group and not always in the Wayland Square area, it's fun to branch out. Thanks again to all who responded so far. As a new face in Providence, I do appreciate it.