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Dec 8, 2007 05:02 PM

Lexington and Knoxville on Christmas, need food

Hi all,

We will be travelling from Michigan to Knoxville on Christmas day. We will be in Lexington about lunchtime and Knoxville about dinner time on, probably, the worst day of the year to find food.

Would anyone be willing to save us with recommendations for either city? We tend to stay away from beef and pork so anything of the fowl (but not foul!) variety would be much appreciated! Price no object if the food is worth it (you only live once and Christmas only comes once a year)

Thank you!

Dawn and Ben

(this is part of a larger road trip from Minneapolis to Michigan to Asheville to Charleston to Savannah to Orlando and then back by way of Chatanooga and Nashville)

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  1. we now have a ruth's Chris in Knoxville.......some great italian, amerigos near papermill. Altrudas near cedar bluff (west Knox) the melting pot (fondue) in the old city.. cedaR BLUFF AGAIN( pULEOS RILLE . ALWAYS WINS COOKING AWARDS..Wasabi has the best sushi again Paperill road..Regas (downtown) has been a favorite in Knoxville for many years that i can count...Sitar indian cusine (Papermill) is really good. i have been to all of them.....if you need #'s let me know