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Dec 8, 2007 04:56 PM

A Groovy place to eat?

Hi Chowhounds: I have a friend coming in from out of town next week and will only have one night in Toronto. She has requested to go to a "groovy" place with great food for dinner. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Nothing groovy really comes to mind for me. Perhaps Supermarket in Kensington? Julie's Cuban on Dovercourt might also fit the bill.

    1. I'd second Supermarket.
      Maybe Shangai Cowgirl? Or 5 Doors North for slightly eclectic Italian?

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      1. re: phoenikia

        Groovy and Great Food....I'm thinking...Lee's...Mistura with the Disco upstairs...maybe even The Drake....Miranda

      2. I don't really know what that means... I guess it depends on one's personal taste, but perhaps:
        - Univeral Grill - small, boho groovy with pretty great food (I recently visited for the first time and was impressed)
        - Sopra - more upscale, elegant, supper-club groovy. Italian (Mistura's sister resto)
        - the Swan - another neighbourhood fave. Comfort food in relaxed vibe that feels like an Edward Hopper painting
        - Reservoir Lounge - groovy with live music. Might be hard to visit-with-friend, but a great vibe.

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        1. re: Rabbit


          "I have a friend coming in from out of town next week"

          Where is "out of town" exactly?

          As when it comes to "groovy" semantics are everything.

          1. re: Non Doctor

            Concur....If its not clear what the question really is, what kind of answer can you expect. When I hear groovy, I think of Austin Powers...the 60's?

        2. insomnia is the epitome of groovy, but young. what's the age range?

          563 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5S1Y6, CA

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          1. re: LemonLauren

            Thanks for your replies so far. Here are a few more details:

            My friend has been living in Vancouver but is originally from Toronto. She has spent a lot of time in Paris and New York for work and was in the wine business for many years. She is also a fellow foodie. Age range from 25-50 approx.

            "Groovy" to me, means a place that is lively, fun with an interesting mix of people and a cool vibe and good music. It also means to me, the current "it" spots of the city.

            A couple of places that I was thinking of are Colborne Lane, Trevor and the new Terroni.

            Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated!

            1. re: janetzuccarini

              Oh, that kind of groovy.

              - Colborne Lane seems a good choice (but do note that they have a communal table so you might to request or not-request it as per your preference).
              - I find Trevor totally over-rated.
              - Lucien (although I haven't been there yet, I have enjoyed Scott Woods' cooking elsewhere)?
              - And I think JKWB is lively, impressive and perpetually au currant.