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Dec 8, 2007 02:25 PM

Miyake - Portland

Anyone been there? How does it compare with other sushi joints in Portland?

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  1. I have not yet been there myself, but reviews from others who have, have been very strong. Apparently their "chef's choice" in particular is worth an evening.

    1. I've seen some reviews that weren't so enthusiastic, but, as with all things, YMMV. I've been once and quite liked it -- the prices were reasonable, the service friendly and professional, and the menu mildly quirky, with several veg-friendly options. The food was well-prepared and fresh, and I would definitely go back.

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        Here's the deal with Miyake. Sushi chef, Masa and assistant sushi chef Seth are former Yosaku employees. Masa, having been a chef at the Waldorf Astoria and Hudson River Club in New York sought NY as a better home with more restaurant opportunities for himself, wife and three kids. He is an accomplished chef trained in not only Japanese Cuisine, but also Italian and French. This is reflected in his menu, which includes a melange of culinary delights as opposed to the basic tempura and rolls of some of Portland's other sushi restaurants. Definitely order from the specials menu and you will not be disappointed. West End Deli has a good supply of Sake (beer and wine, too) and the folks that work at Miyake are more than happy to warm or cool your drink for you. Hours are as follows. Lunch Tuesday through Friday 12-3, Dinner 5-9 Monday through Saturday. Though it is not open 24/7, as it is a small and intimate operation, it is definitely worth rearranging your schedule to check out. By far the most enjoyable Japanese food in Portland. Cheers!

      2. As the place is 1/2 block from us, we have tied it and liked it a lot. We have now eaten there twice. We greatly enjoyed it both times. BYO, but beer/wine available at West End Deli, almost next door. West End also sells Miyake's seaweed salad and often has some of their sushi.

        1. I don't live far from there either, bur every time I've gone to try it it's been closed. Do they have unusual hours?

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            I think they close in the late afternoon so they can pick the kids up from preschool, but then they re-open for dinner. They might be closed Sundays or Mondays as well.

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              Closed all day Sunday.

              Open for lunch Tuesday to Friday 11 to 2
              Dinner Monday-Thursday 5 to 9, Friday and Saturday 5 to 9:30

              They do not take reservations, so get there early.

            2. I've only been once and wasn't a big fan of the fish quality, but those that go regularly suggest ordering the daily special and to go on fish delivery days. For my money, Benkay has the best quality sushi in town.

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