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Dec 8, 2007 02:11 PM

real fruit smoothies in Ann Arbor/SE Michigan?

Lately smoothies have gotten negative publicity--marketed as healthy, they're usually high-calorie drinks with a little processed fruit pulp and a lot of sugar. That certainly seems to be the deal in Ann Arbor--the only two places I can think of where someone actually took pieces of fruit and put them in the blender were the old Whole Foods and JoJo's on Fourth Avenue. Both are gone. Am I missing one? Is there a place in AA or anywhere else in SE Michigan (preferably Detroit, western Wayne, or western Oakland) that doesn't rely on processed fruit ingredients?

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  1. not sure from your post whether you want an Ann Arbor rec, but I would imagine that Seva still makes smoothies with fruit. If you go directly to the bar, you could probably pop in and get one to go.

    1. Most of the Middle Eastern restaurants in Dearborn have good ones...made from real fruit. Al Ameer is one of my favorites. Also, in Ann Arbor, Charlie's La Shish on the east side of AA has them, if my memory serves me correctly.

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        mango smoothies from la shish are great.

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          You can get these (typically called "fresh juice") made to order in many Arab restaurants in Dearborn. New Yasmeen bakery has a juice area, and I've seen many signs outside restaurants advertising fresh juices.

        2. How about Rendez-vous cafe on South U? I know they do fresh juices with a juicer so it seems like their smoothies would incorporate them too. Or any of the other middle eastern places for that matter would be worth a look.


          I just looked it up and they do indeed. Check out their menu at and you'll see the raw juices and smoothies made with them. I bet they'd be able to customize blends from any of their choices like La Shish does.