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What should I put on my fresh sourdough bread?

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I have eggs, tuna packed in oil, different kinds of cheeses, some herbs, endive. None of it is inspiring me so I thought I'd turn to the board.

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  1. Tomato and mayo with some fresh ground pepper.

    1. Good butter. That's my favorite thing to put on fresh bread. Forget tomatoes worth eating this time of year.

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        I still have tomatoes in my garden. One of my favorite sayings though is, "there's nothing better than a good tomato and nothing worse than a bad one".

        I think mushroom and swiss would be good with sourdough too.

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          I don't have any more good tomatoes. That's always my first choice!

      2. blue cheese and fresh basil, lightly toasted. Yum!!!

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          Along those lines, blue cheese (usually gorgonzola) and honey is fairly classic, I do believe.

        2. well toasted w/butter
          well toasted w/butter and cinnamon sugar

          nothing better!

            1. Ah fresh sourdough bread .....one of life's treasures. I don't need anything on it, but a good butter is always good.
              I also love burgers on sourdough. BLT's if the tomatoes are good. Turkey with swiss, lettuce and mayo.

              1. Hard to argue with some of the suggestions (especially the dungeness crab), but when I was growing up my favorite after school snack was good sourdough and peanut butter.

                1. slice of roasted turkey, smother of cranberry sauce and melted brie..

                  1. Nutella....

                    Or Plugra butter....mmmmmmm

                    1. Olive oil & a whole wack of rosemary!

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                          It's whack...British slang for "a lot of."

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                            Thanks! I figured it was something like that.

                      1. Fresh sourdough...yummmmmm

                        Breakfast : Orange marmalade (the one with thick cut orange-rind), open faced on toasted slice

                        Lunch : Mashed potatoes topped with salsa verde or pico de gallo, open faced on toasted slice

                        Dessert : Almond butter, open faced on toasted slice


                        1. Really good imported butter and lots of it.

                          1. Garlic olive oil (or just heat some rough chop garlic in a little oil), avacado, and bacon

                            1. The best butter that you can afford...

                              1. Another butter purist here. Good butter!

                                1. fresh shave of good parm cheese and thinly sliced zuch's
                                  virginia ham slices and olive spread
                                  warm slightly in either case

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                                      French toast is a great idea. Try it with cream cheese and orange marmalade spread on like a sandwich and then dipped in egg. Awesome!!!

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                                        Another vote for French toast. I sprinkle mine with cinnamon sugar which crisps in the cooking oil, preferably bacon fat.

                                        I grew up on Larrabaru's with room temperature butter...pretty perfect.

                                      2. Some prosciutto and a shaving of manchego.

                                        1. Clam chowder you can just plop it on top of a slice of sour dough bread with butter or get a loaf of of it and cut out the middle of the bread which then u have a bowl to put some clam chowder in and it taste great

                                          1. Sometimes I cut up sourdough bread and use it to dip into spinach dip.

                                            Oh! I just noticed this if from 2007, so that's going to be some old sourdough. ;-).