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Dec 8, 2007 01:10 PM

What should I put on my fresh sourdough bread?

I have eggs, tuna packed in oil, different kinds of cheeses, some herbs, endive. None of it is inspiring me so I thought I'd turn to the board.

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  1. Tomato and mayo with some fresh ground pepper.

    1. Good butter. That's my favorite thing to put on fresh bread. Forget tomatoes worth eating this time of year.

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      1. re: Ellen

        I still have tomatoes in my garden. One of my favorite sayings though is, "there's nothing better than a good tomato and nothing worse than a bad one".

        I think mushroom and swiss would be good with sourdough too.

        1. re: scuzzo

          I don't have any more good tomatoes. That's always my first choice!

      2. blue cheese and fresh basil, lightly toasted. Yum!!!

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        1. re: ceciliar

          Along those lines, blue cheese (usually gorgonzola) and honey is fairly classic, I do believe.

        2. well toasted w/butter
          well toasted w/butter and cinnamon sugar

          nothing better!