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Dec 8, 2007 12:37 PM

Best Place for Special Occasion in North Shore Kauai

Hi quick question:
What is the best place for dinner for a special occasion (ambiance, food, etc.; cost doesn't matter) on the North Shore in Kauai? Thanks!

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  1. Might want to check out my reviews of the North Shore (middle of the reviews), from last Sept.,

    I'd opt for Ola, or 21 Degrees North. I tried to cover all bases, so you get to make the decision.


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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      Oops! Somehow, I did not see the "Kaua`i" part, until now. My Kaua`i recs. are from the Poipu Area, so little help.

      About that same time, there were a couple of threads on North Shore [Kaua`i], that mentioned most of the dining there. A search of this board should bring them up. I'd guess that they were about Sept/Oct, 2006.

      Sorry for my confusion,

    2. On Kauai, my vote would be the Princeville hotel. I don't remember what the main restaurant is called (La Cascata, maybe?) and haven't been there myself for dinner, but the hotel is beautiful and the view is incredible. Get there early enough to have drinks and watch the sun set.
      I also had a very good dinner at Postcard Cafe near Hanalei, although the restaurant doesn't have as "grand" a feeling as the Princeville hotel - it's more "cozy".