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Dec 8, 2007 12:20 PM

What's the best way to keep extra vanilla beans?

Can I freeze them? Or is another method preferable?

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  1. Wrapped in gauze soaked in brandy at room temperature is how I've always stored them.

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    1. re: OCEllen

      Actually, gauze wrapped, that is part of the curing process I've used for ones off the plant - the older ones go in a jar of sugar!

    2. My mother always kept them submerged in granulated white sugar in a glass jar .

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      1. re: Gin and It

        And the bonus of either method mentioned, the brandy and the sugar, it that the vanilla flavors it!!!

      2. I just keep mine in the little long glass jar that they come in.

        1. They store well in vodka.

          1. From,

            "Vanilla beans will keep indefinitely in a cool, dark place in an airtight container. Don't refrigerate beans as this can cause them to harden and crystallize. In the humid tropics where beans are grown, they are wrapped in oiled or waxed paper and stored in tin boxes. As I live in a cooler, dryer climate, I keep my beans wrapped in plastic in an airtight plastic tub or glass jar. If you live in a hot humid climate, this isn't a good idea as beans can mildew easily, especially if additional moisture collects in the plastic."