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Dec 8, 2007 12:12 PM

Wheat malt syrup for bagels

I wanted to make the Montreal style bagels in Alford & Duguid's Home Baking book until I realized it calls for wheat malt syrup in the dough (not in the dunking water). I don't have any. I made tahini rolls instead but I was wondering if I need to buy the wheat malt syrup or are there any good substitutions? The glossary suggests it acts as a dough conditioner.

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  1. You might get away with corn syrup, but I wouldn't try it. many Asian grocery stores carry it. Whole Foods might, too.

    1. You can buy barley malt extract from any brewer's supply house. If you can't find it, molasses (dark) seems to be a better match than anything, but it's not perfect. Also try health food stores.

      1. I have seen it in natural food stores ; I just didn't have any on hand when I wanted to start making them but hesitated to substitute anything for them. As I said, I decided to just make something else. But still I wondered, should I seek out the malt syrup?

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          The malt you can buy at Asian stores is good. And it does add that nice tad of gloss and slight flavor boost to many other items. Use it in tiny amounts (like 1/2 teaspoon) tossed with hot steamed veggies, or saute. I once bought it for a single recipe use and ended up making it a staple grocery item.

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            Where is it usually stocked (what category of food does it belong to, if you know what I mean)?

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            I use it as a flavoring agent/sweetener in Lahey's No-Knead Bread. It really gives it a 'toasty' flavor.

          3. As far as I know there is no such thing as wheat malt syrup. Malt is made from barley, not wheat. And, as mnosyne mentioned above, you can find malt syrup at any home-brewing supply store, though perhaps in quantities larger than you actually want.

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              Well, both barley and wheat malt syrups are discussed in Home Baking, and I've found wheat malt syrup for sale on the internet and called for in pretzel recipes.

              Anyway, thanks! I'll check into it.

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                Malt can be, and is made from any grain. malt Syrup extract is available from many of these and is most often used to brew beer. Both Barley and Wheat are malted (Malt-o-Meal is made from malted wheat.), as are other grains, like rice. malting is just a process. Many types of sryups are available, but Barley is the most widely available, to be honest!

                Most malt syrups can be found in stores near the sweeteners and other syrups. A health food store or Brewer's supply is your best bet.

                1. re: Diana

                  We misuse the word malt...the term should be malted barley, malted wheat, etc. I checked when I was at the asian market yesterday, and there is a jar of malt wheat syrup...those ARE the words on it. I looked in my cupboard, and found that I'd bought a jar, some time ago. It's not expensive at all.


              2. I am happy to report that the Fannie Farmer Baking Book contains directions on p3-4 for making your own wheat OR barley malt powder from grains (basically you grind dried, sprouted grains).

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                  I remember doing that with wheat berries as a kid. It was part of experimenting with sprouting seeds. Sprouting turns some starches into sugars. Darker beers are made with malts that are roasted longer and hence darker in this drying step.

                  Malt powder that I bought bulk at the health food store was labeled as 65% maltose (presumably the rest was unconverted starch). Maltose is a complex sugar made of two glucose molecules. Plain corn syrup is straight glucose (dextrose), cane sugar is sucrose, joined fructose and glucose molecules.


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                    Does anyone have a resource for "Malted Wheat Flour" or "Granary Flour" in the US? I found it in the UK But costs more to ship that the product {$65.00) for 10 pounds. NOT! My friend and I grind our own wheat to make bread and have found this recipe. It gives a nutty flavor and texture. Found it in bulk but 2000 lbs a little much for two families don't you think? Thanks nanabannana