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Dec 8, 2007 11:45 AM

Mutton--where to buy it fresh?

So far I only know of one meat market that sells fresh uncooked Mutton, that's Moreliana on S. Congress (across from Ruta Maya)--and frankly, the mutton I got there I suspect was actually Lamb. I'm a huge fan of Mutton and find it downright criminal that its so hard to find here.

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  1. A quick search for mutton on the Austin board netted this conversation on butchers, at least one of which is mentioned for mutton. (The search function works pretty well these days.)

    If the market ever does dry up from lack of retail interest, I'm sure Buck Moore Feed & Supply on North Lamar has what you'll need to raise your own sheep and age it on the hoof. (Sheep not included.)

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      Oops. meant to say, "Since they supply some of the BBQ joints".

    2. Longhorn Meats on MLK usually has some (frozen) supply some of the BBQ joints. Anyway, I think most of the so-called "lamb" around here is closer to yearling mutton than to spring lamb.

      1. Does Longhorn Meats sell retail, or only to wholesale customers?

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        1. At the Sunset Valley Farmer's Market, you'll find Loncito's Lamb. We bought a whole lamb from him - maybe in April or so of this year. I think he metioned that he also has mutton that he supplies to Middle Eastern grocery stores. I would check with him to see if he'll sell it direct to you or if he can tell you where in Austin it ends up. His lamb, I like very much.