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Dec 8, 2007 11:18 AM

Happy Hour "Vancouver"

I am looking for a good happy hour, with good appetizers...

Please let me know your opinions.

If you can please post the name and also an address.

Thanks :))))

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  1. It should be noted for our visitors that "happy hours", as defined by half price or reduce price drinks, are not legal in BC. Licensed establishments must post their liquor prices at the beginning of the day and may not alter them thereafter. While lots of places may advertise a daily special drink etc, the "everything half price" concept is not allowed, in BC and a number of other provinces, in order to reduce impaired driving.

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    1. re: J and V

      Good to Know that info,

      Ok, please post a Bar recommendation with good appetizers.


    2. Nu has complimentary tapas in the lounge between 3-5pm from December 1-23rd.

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      1. re: jewels_vancouver

        It looks very good, and a good choice for Tapas... Thanks. :)

      2. mortons, best kept secret, happy hour, pay for the drinks the appys are free

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        1. re: bigeaterjustin

          Thank you for your opinions... please keep it coming