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Dec 8, 2007 10:51 AM

Dinner Alone - Scottsdale

Anyone have any thoughts on a place for a good dinner by myself...preferably at a counter? Would prefer to stick to N. or S Scottsdale, if possible but not mandatory.

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  1. Given that reviews have been good post-breakup of the couple running things, I'd head for the bar at Los Sombreros.

    1. Japanese places can be excellent options for eating alone. Dozo in downtown Scottsdale (Miller and 6th Ave.) and Sushi Ko up north (92nd and Shea) are two of my favorites in the area. If you're willing to head a bit west, Tarbell's at 32nd and Camelback is a good choice.

      1. I am in Scottsdale right now, sprinkling a little.

        Out at Kierland Commons, Zinc Bistro, Greene House and North are almost right next to each other, all have bars and I enjoy eating at all three by myself.

        A sleeper near Shea and Scottsdale road is Razz's, get a seat at the chef's kitchen bar and you will have an enjoyable evening being entertained by Razz, he is lots of fun.

        Downtown Cowboy Ciao, new door is Sea Saw both excellent choices. Sea Saw is James Beard winner, sit at the bar.

        1. If you like Thai food, check out Malees on Main -- you can be quite comfortable eating in the bar area. Staff is accomodating, food is excellent and it's relaxing.

          1. Osha Thai at Frank Lloyd Wright and Shea is pretty good. It's not a counter, but the food is excellent and the waitstaff is pretty amusing. The awesome tom kha kai is reason alone to go.

            Osha Thai Cafe
            10953 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd, Scottsdale, AZ 85259

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              Re: Osha, I recommend checking the website for directions (see place entry).