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Dec 8, 2007 10:06 AM

best thai restaurant in LA?? with vegan/vegetarian choices

So I know vegan thai places are a dime a dozen in LA,...california vegan, vegan plate, truly a vegan restaurant, cafe vegan, vegan express, vegan glory etc etc etc. but I dont want a dime a dozen vegan thai place. I want something exceptional tonight. I am vegetarian but Im looking for a vegan friendly thai restaurant whose menu doesnt focus on faux meat. prehaps something a bit more tradational. thanks in advance. chowhound never lets me down

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. SOHO Thai on P.C.H in Lomita serves the absolute best thai in the south bay and is on par with Hollywood Blvd. and Sherman Way. They make all of the traditional dishes with meat BUT they have the option of substituting "Soy chicken, beef or shrimp" in any dish. This is NOT the usual soy cake masquerading as meat but a product that is exactly like the real thing in taste and texture. We have been getting the prik khing (spicy thai style) and the phad kee mao with soy chicken. Brown rice is also an option. Entres priced reasonably between 7 and 10. The soy option is $1 extra. Fortunately we live here in the south bay but would travel from anywhere in L.A. to eat here. Service and decor is wonderful. Ample parking in back.

      1. Just keep in mind that even some "meatless" thai has fish sauce, if that bothers you.

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          Good point a and w. I've seen vegetarian fish sauces and such at Asian grocers. Don't know if they have it at Soho Thai. For me it's not that critical an issue.