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Dec 8, 2007 10:05 AM

Dairy/Nut Free Party Treats for Kids?

I teach 5th grade and am throwing a party for the kids soon but have two students with nut & dairy allergies. Do you know of dairy/nut free party treats that kids love?

Either homemade or purchased is fine. Thank you for your help!

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  1. How about Rice Krispy treats? Marshmallow and rice could use food coloring in the marshmallow and make these a variety of colors. Popcorn balls also a could add crushed peppermint candies or Jolly Ranchers for color.

    1. fruit slices can actually be quite fun- maybe add a yogurt dipping sauce with cinnamon or maple sugar or something for the ones who can eat dairy, and have a compote or chocolate or caramel based one as well?

      I'm not sure which section it's in, but someone posted a recent thread on party treats for their son, and got some great responses- one was popcorn drizzled in various things like chocolate, which sounds excellent!

      1. From the book "Food Adventures," the glorious combination of dried apricots + chocolate, layered.

        Or anything else + chocolate.

        How about a nut-free "party mix" for a non-sweet item?

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          Thank you for your suggestions chocolatestiletto and brittle peanut!

          Only problem with chocolate & caramel is that both have dairy in them. :(

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            Sorry -- I thought some chocolates don't have dairy, that's why I suggested them.

            How about vegan rice pudding in cute individual serving sizes? Mini vegan nut free cupcakes? Mini tarts made with shortening in the dough and fruit in the filling? Mini oatmeal raisin cookies? Smores (assuming you find dairy free chocolate)? Carrot cake or apple cake made with oil and no nuts?

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              I think you can make caramel without dairy...

              Jello Jigglers are fairly disgusting but always popular with kids. You can get all sorts of different molds for them, or cut them out with cookie cutters. Lime and cherry...festive!

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                oops, true, should have mentioned that you should use dark chocolate, most types of which have only various parts of cocoa plant, sugar and flavoring.

            2. Have you seen this thread in the "general chowhounding topics" board?
     Similar question raised there.

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                Great ideas brittle peanut, thank you! And Anzu thanks for the link to that thread, much appreciated. :)

              2. I bet these would be a big hit

                I actually may make them this week for my son's birthday party at school. If I do then I'll start a new thread with a review.