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Dec 8, 2007 09:59 AM

Capri Deli in Covina

Lately in the Pasadena Star News, I've been seeing a large ad for a place called Capri Deli in Covina that has been boasting about their great sandwiches, pastrami dips, lasagna and pizzas. They roast their own beef and make their own meatballs and sausage and have been around since 1954. Have any chowhounders been to to this place, and if so, is it worth checking out? Thanks in advance!

Capri Deli
713 E. San Bernardino Rd, Covina
(626) 332-0940

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  1. i have not been in about 4 months - for awhile, i was eating there once/week. it has quite a following - if you live in the area it's definitely worth a try - both the hot and cold sandwiches are good....i tend to favor the hot sandwiches...they also have a large soda selection , italian cookies, and the standard italian meats/cheeses available by the pound and yes...several salads to choose from....

    personally, i prefer claro's ( m. park is my fav but the west covina locale is very good too )

    i'm surprised that they would advertise in the star news...maybe they advertise in the sgv tribune but i don't read it too often so not sure.

    the lasagna is ok...never had the pizza - the one time i asked, they were nt serving because the oven was down...

    if you try, hope you'll update us with a review