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Dec 8, 2007 09:57 AM

Two excellent cupcakes: vanilla and chocolate

This is for tomorrow. I want to make two kinds of cupcakes for a gathering of mostly adults. They must be excellent. I'm thinking the classics: one vanilla with white frosting, one chocolate with chocolate frosting. Both the cake part and the icings need to be wonderful. I have ten zillion recipes to choose from but, of course, I'm asking Chowhounds. Hand over your best, please.

Nothing overly "healthy" need apply. It's only a cupcake.

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  1. I like Maida Heatter's chocolate cupcake recipe and have made it often. Just googled it and found it paraphrased on chowhound (natch!)...

    1. I like Billy's Vanilla Vanilla cupcakes quite a bit (esp with pink frosting!):

      1. I don't make cupcakes but do have favorite chocolate and vanilla cake recipes you could use. As chocolate frosting goes, I like Rosie Berenbaum's milk chocolate buttercream.