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Dec 8, 2007 09:20 AM

St Denis and Ontario

Any fun and delicious restaurants to recommend in the area? Pretty vague I know, but I'm looking for various suggestions.
Has anyone tried Confusion Tapas Du Monde at 1635 St-Denis??

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  1. Places I like around there, and qualify for fun & delicious are:

    Chez Gatse - A nice Tibetan resto with very good soup (317 Ontario E.)
    La Paryse - Good Burgers (302 Ontario E.)
    Juliette & Chocolat - Super hot chocolate, crappy service. (1615 St-Denis)

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    1. re: Moosemeat

      I didn't know J&C had another branch! This is exciting. I love their Laurier spot now that they've improved the service.

    2. La Sila on St-Denis used to be, many many years ago, one of the best Italian restaurants in town. I have no idea if it still is but I had many great dinners there.

      There is a BYOW that is not so bad on Hotel-de-ville. It is called Grenadine. I went a couple of times and it was good, though uneven.

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        The last two meals I had at La Sila -- about two and four years ago -- were unmemorable and bore no resemblance to the fare at the La Sila of yore.

        I seldom head to that area for anything other than the casualist of dining. And when I do, I usually end up at L'Amère à boire for their excellent lamburger and outstanding Cerna Hora, a Czech-style pilsner that's easily the city's best lager.

      2. Howdy!

        We did Confusion about two years ago, and I will always remember it as the place where I quit smoking. As for the food, it was nice, decent, the staff was friendly service was good - but there was nothing about it that made me want to return. So we haven't.