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Dec 8, 2007 09:04 AM

Leslieville's Butcher Shop!!

I found out what is going in next door to Starbucks!! Yes we are finally getting a butcher shop! Apparently it is a established company in Toronto called Rowe's Meats. It will be a all Natural Meat distributor. So not as expensive as organic meat. That is all I know...assume it will take some time to get all the equipment set up. Hopefully not as long as it took BS Bakery to get operational!!

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  1. There is also the butcher at Queen and Jones - Lady and Sons or something like that - I haven't been yet but many on our street have - and only have good things to report.

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      I've been to the Queen and Jones one a few times and think it's worth a stop. Nice organic chickens and Berkshire sausages.
      The Rowe Meats must be an outlet for the Guelph (?) outfit. They have a stand in the St. Lawrence farmers' market and sell to some number of other butchers in the city. I've made some special orders with them to pick up at the market. This could be a better option.
      Is it just me, or are we getting much better food options in the east end? What I'd really like, though, is a great place for greens.

    2. Excellent!! I've been looking for a good butcher in the area!

      Where is Jones?? Is it east or west of Starbucks?

      1. The other butcher is indeeed called Lady and Son Butchery, they are at 1175 Queen East . Next time you are the area skip the Starbucks and head next door to Zane Patisserie, their baked goods are outstanding..

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          Ah yes Lady and Sons, I called it mother and Sons in another post here today. I will have to go amend that. Anyway, my mother who as of late has become quite the organics afficionado swears by Lady and Sons. We live in Leslieville. They (my mother and the owners) had quite an indepth discussion on how the proprietors choose their sources for meat exclusively from a very reputable organic farm in Virginia. The chickens are in some kind of machine that lets them roam in a wide open-concept cage but periodically picks them up and takes them elsewhere so the grass doesn't die. Cows are free range too, not corn-fed, and their droppings and whatever all contribute to the health of the grass and the chickens eat it after only a special amount of time has passed. It sounds gross but it's all part of the natural holistic science of organic farming.

          They also have a special guy at that farm who kills the animals a certain way so they're not distressed and bleed cleanly so stress-related hormones and chemicals don't change the flavour and composition of the meat.

          My mother prepared an excellent lamb for Thanksgiving that came from Lady and Son's and it was excellent, some of the most succulent lamb I've had in a while. Bones made great soup too.

          1. re: 50firstdatesguy

            Is that Polyface Farms your talking about? In Swoope, Virginia? That's the farm profiled in Michael Pollan's "the Omnivore's Dilemma" The way you describe the farm is exactly the same description that can be found in the book. I'm very curious, because Polyface doesn't ship anything anywhere. They rely solely on farm sales and community buying clubs. I'll call Lady and Sons to find out.

            It that is the same one, I would sure like to try their chickens and eggs.

            1. re: acd123

              You know what.. jeez my mother in teh same conversation was also talking about that very book the Omnivores Dilemma. I wonder if she got the two mixed up?? Please do call and confirm, and I apologize ahead of tmie if I end up being wrong and I've mis-informed here. I thought I heard her say they got their food from this farm. I really should pay more attention when she tells me stuff. :P

              1. re: 50firstdatesguy

                I tried but no answer. maybe someone can ask next time they're in. I really, really doubt it's Polyface, but I would be pleasantly surpirsed if it is.

          2. re: tasoid

            Where is Zane Patisserie? Definitly not next door to Starbucks at Queen and Logan.

            1. re: LvilleLocal

              Different Starbucks. It's way to the east, between Coxwell and the Beach. Meat on the Beach and Konditor are on the same block.

              I've found Zane to very frustrating. I've had some delicious stuff there. But, more than occasionally, things (literally) fall apart. I've had the fruit and custard on a Danish slide off the pastry and land on my shirt or on the floor - at least three times.