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Dec 8, 2007 08:31 AM

Recs for delicious, simple food in the D.F., Morelos, Taxco?

I will be in Mexico City for 9 days over Christmas vacation, with my husband and 14-year-old son. We'll spend four or so days in the middle of the week making side trips--we're thinking Teotihuatican, Las Estacas, Taxco--and the rest of the time in the DF. I'm looking for restaurant suggestions--simple, local, delicious, affordable, not too touristy. While in the DF, we'll be staying at Casa Gonzales, which I think is in the north part of the Zona Rosa (I'm not familiar with the city), so nearby suggestions would be great... though we'll be exploring farther afield, so other locations would be appreciated, too.

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