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Dec 8, 2007 08:20 AM

Bazaar Anise undercooked Cornish Hen

I ate at Bazaar Anise a few weeks ago. Everything was going well until I got my main course. The Cornish hen. Halfway through, I noticed the leg was 'bleeding' & not cooked properly. I finally got the waiters attention after five long minutes and he said it was not "dangerous" but it wasn't cooked properly and brought it back to the chicken. So I waited patiently while my husband continued with his meal. After 15 minutes my cornish hen was finally returned to me, the same leg REHEATED with the exact same little piece of meat I had started to eat, lying on the plate next to the leg. Gross. By the time it arrived my dining companion had already finished his meal. No new sides. No explanations or appologies. Nothing comp'd.
I was left very unsatisfied. $110 on a meal (no wine) that I had to sit and watch my husband eat.

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