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Dec 8, 2007 08:01 AM

Banana Cream Pie & Sour Cherries

Looking to buy a good Banana Cream Pie with real bananas and possibly topped with walnuts.

Anyone know where I can buy Frozen SOUR Cherries in Montreal ?

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  1. Just saw frozen sour cherries today at Akhavan's Sherbrooke store - 1 kilo for $6.

    I like the pies at Rockaberry, but never had the banana cream. You could always sample a slice before buying a whole one to see if it's your cup of tea.

    Edit - actually I don't see a banana cream on their pie menu, but there is something called Chocolate Banana Split -

    1. They also sell frozen sour cherries at this place (2 kg bags if I remember right). It's close to Atwater Market:
      Distribution Alimentaire Aubut
      3975 Rue Saint-ambroise, Montreal QC, H4C 2E1
      Phone: 514-933-0939, Grocers-wholesale

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      1. I was just speaking with the Bonatarte Pies(located at 6226 St-Jacques West) people, they told me they often make Banana Cream Pie. They had it last week. They use real bananas, & on request they can topped it with walnuts.

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          Where is this located in relation to Loblaw's (the "landmark" I use for that area) ?

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              Yes. It's right next door to Dic Ann's(the burger joint).