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Dec 8, 2007 07:48 AM

Denver/Boulder for Dec 15th

I tried for reservations at Brasserie Ten Ten for my 30th birthday next Saturday, but they are booked (at least for parties of 10).

I'm looking for good food in Boulder/Denver (we'll be coming from Ft. Collins) with at least a dish or two in the low teens (this excludes Frasca, Table 6, Fruition, Rioja, Vesta, and Mizuna) as most of the people coming are still students. Any ideas?

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  1. mmm thats a tough one. A nice place with at least some entrees in the low teens that might have availabilty for a large party during the Holidays.

    975 opened a banch off 120th and I-25. They have quite a few small plate options so that might help the guests on a budget.

    Two other thoughts in Denver might be Zengo, Tamayo or Via as they also have small plate menus and Via has pizzas. All 3 would be fun places for a party.

    Also Vesta's sister restaurant Steubens has a pretty varied menu:

    In Boulder maybe Aji

    I am sure others will have more suggstions and I will probably think of more as well.

    1. A few ideas to try for reservations:
      Boulder-Zolo, 14th Street Bar & Grill, Chez Thuy
      Denver-Osteria Marco, Bistro Vendome

      I believe all these places offer dishes in the low teens (although that may mean combining an app w/ a salad.).

      1. Stuben's is a good idea - great food and good value

        1. Maybe someone here can remind me, there's a place in Niwot that I've seen some good reviews on, does anyone know the name and/or price range?

          What about the Ethiopian place? Or Taj in Louisville?

          I'll keep thinking...

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              Thank you! For the life of me I couldn't remember. And, I have a vested interest in this dinner reservation as I plan on helping mcgeiger celebrate her 30th!

              Mcgeiger, it appears that Colterra has both small and large plates on their menu and may work if they have space.

            2. re: RobynS

              The Ethiopian restaurant is Ras Kassa on 30th St in Boulder. The only Taj I know of is at the BaseMar Shopping Center, also in Boulder. Don't know how festive you want the ambiance, but both are good but very casual.

              1. re: ClaireWalter

                There is a Taj Mahal on South Boulder Road and 95th that mcgeiger actually introduced me to. I like it MUCH better than the one in Boulder. I haven't had a chance to check with her yet on how casual/formal she wants.

                1. re: RobynS

                  Is Boulder's Mahal-less Taj related to Louisville's Taj Mahal? I really like the saag paneer at Taj but don't have strong feelings one way or another about other dishes I've had there.

                  1. re: ClaireWalter

                    I believe so but the service and food I felt was much better in Louisville. I really like their lamb saag. In addition I like the atmosphere at the Louisville location better as well.