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Dec 8, 2007 07:09 AM

Near Red Hook Terminal?

I am picking up friends from California Monday morning at the Red Hook Cruise Terminal and then driving them to Newark for their flight to California.

I am looking for a nice restaurant for lunch somewhere near the terminal (maybe Carrol Gardens, Williamsburg). Street parking desirable. Monday is a tough day for open reataurants.

All suggestions appreciated.


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  1. You might want to try Ferdinando's at 151 Union Street for real neighborhood atmosphere and good food.

    Williamsburg is not near the Red Hook Terminal in my hate to drive opinion.

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    1. re: psnative

      What a brilliant idea. The panelle special (chick pea fritters on a bun) and the octopus salad are great and better fresh at lunchtime. This place is classic old Brooklyn.

      One step down in food quality is the bakery/sandwich area in Fairway at the south end of Van Brunt St (480 VB St., I think). What is spectacular here is the view of the harbor and the Statue of Liberty.

      Ferdinandos has cheap Italian wine and Brooklyn beer. I do not think you are allowed to open the beer sold in Fairway inside the store. Both places are inexpensive and are unique. They are experiences that you will not find in California.

    2. If your friends are coming in on the Queen Mary they would have had many fancy/fussy meals over a period of time on the ship so simplicity is in order. Also, you might be closer to breakfast time. If you are going to be going for breakfast instead of lunch Boerum Hill Food Company on Smith Street has a nice breakfast. If lunch, I agree with Ferdinando's. Not fancy food but good classic Brooklyn fare. Try the rice ball special.

      1. I would recommend Waterfalls on Atlantic Ave. between Henry and Clinton. Great Middle Eastern food.