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Dec 8, 2007 06:22 AM

Las Bugambilias

We went last night after reading a favorable review on and were pretty pleased.

The restaurant, right beside the South Street Diner (on, you guessed it, South Street) was pleasantly decorated with enough Mexican knick knacks to be homey without overly cheesy. We were seated right away (thank god for new restaurants!) though the place certainly wasn't empty.

We got drinks--the mojito was fine, the Malbec was marginal (but at $6/a glass, what do you expect).

The salsas and chips were quite good--the homemade pico-esque salsa had a lot of citrus flavor and a hint of kick, and the smokier salsa was delicious and more spicy. A few chips were soggy, from too much oil, but still good.

Entrees were the real star. I got the steak molcajete. It was eeeeeenormous. Tons of steak, cactus, and cheese in the molcajete, with plenty of tortillas. Rice and beans were fine (I've never been wowed by Mexican rice), and the guac was good. Presentation was also really nice--guac came in an onion flower, etc.

Companion got the fillet, which he raved over. It was far more tender than my skirt steak (obviously), and covered with a delicious sauce. Cheesy corn on the cob, rice, beans, etc., rounded it out.

Portions were good, food was great, and service was stellar.

Try it out if you're wanting some new Mexican.

Now, I'm only hoping it doesn't go down the tubes like Molcajete Mixto did.

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  1. Do you mind expanding on your thoughts on Molcajete Mixto? I've been a fan the 3-4 times I went, but haven't been since the summer.

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    1. re: asb165

      Ahhh...Molcajete Mixto. How I wanted to love it. The first couple of times we went, everything was spot on. Food was great. Service was wonderful. Everything was fabulous.

      And then...things started going haywire.

      Went in once, and they forgot half our order. We waited for awhile, then finally asked them about it. They brought it out 20 minutes later. Didn't even offer to comp the dish (or, heck, give us a free drink). Nada. Acted upset that we pointed out that they completely forgot it.

      Went in again, and they over charged us. By $25. There was a phantom entree on our bill that no one ordered. We asked, and they argued with us. For 15 minutes. Finally, we got a manager over and kindly explained that we didn't order the entree we were charged for (and our server actually agreed with the manager but still didn't want to take it off the bill because he had already run the credit card). They gave us a gift certificate. That's right--they didn't fix the credit card bill, they didn't give us cash--they gave us a gift certificate.

      I'm giving it to someone I don't really care for for Christmas.

      1. re: cussbucket

        Thanks for the info. I have always liked the food, although it does seem like they are catering to bachelorette and other large parties the last couple of times there.

    2. Thanks for the great review. I've been wanting to try this place. Did they have any veggie or fish entrees? I'm going out with a group of friends soon, one of whom doesn't eat meat or poultry, but does eat fish/seafood. Will she be able to eat there?

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      1. re: Hungryin theBurbs

        Yes! Tons of seafood on the menu--and it all looked delish (we saw several coming out). You can even get the molcajete that I raved about with shrimp (our server said it was divine).

        They also had several vegetarian dishes--chile rellenos stuffed with cheese, I believe, plus several veggie specials. I'm sure they could accommodate, too.

        Please let me know how you like it!

        1. re: cussbucket

          Excellent! I will definitely give it a try soon and report back. Between now and then I'll obsess over whether I'd prefer that molcajete with beef or shrimp. :-)

      2. I dine at Molcajete once a month and it has never been sub-par. The management and staff are always attentive. Best Of Philly! try the cerviche, Molcajete Mixto and the Conchinita Pibil. Best Mexican BYOT in the city!

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        1. re: Freaky

          Sorry Freaky, gotta disagree. We too went with high expectations. After the guac it was all downhill. all four of us found the food to be totally ordinary. We haven't returned.