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Dec 8, 2007 06:15 AM

New Pete's Grill in Sunnyside, Queens

Has anyone tried the new Pete's Grill, which opened recently in the former premises of the Sunline Diner at 39-14 Queens Boulevard? The building has been re-decorated inside, but retains its "American diner" look and menu, operating 24 hours daily. An uncritical review in the weekly Queens Courier reports Peter Moundros as owner-manager. An average dinner for two with drinks from the full service bar runs just under $50.

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  1. I tried Pete's Grill for a late lunch on Saturday and was pleased. I'll definitely be going back when I'm in the mood for good diner food. You'll find pretty typical diner fare, but a nice variety as well as some healthy options. The place is totally clean and nice, very different than Starlite.

    The staff was nice too. I tried an egg cream with tuna salad club & fries. They serve alcohol too in case that interests you. You get plenty of food, so come hungry!

    When I was there, there were quite a few people eating -- which I thought was a good sign for a new place on a Saturday afternoon.

    1. it's excellent. i got a waffle and my boyfriend had an irish breakfast. the menu gives more choice than i've seen around. probably the best diner i've found in nyc.

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        how is the parking in that area of sunnyside?

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          Pete's actually has a parking lot!

      2. The original comment has been removed