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Dec 8, 2007 06:13 AM

Umami - "The Fifth Taste"

Interesting article in today's WSJ about this. What struck me particular is that it lists many of my husband's favorite foods - listed in the link under "Umami Boosters":

Soy Sauce

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  1. fish sauce is a booster too. my "secret ingredient" for blah soups!

    1. I have long thought there is this 5th taste, and I have the major craving for it. Cheese, and mushrooms are two of my basic food groups. WHile a box of salt will last me for years, I go throught several bottles of soy sauce and fish sauce in a year.

      Good article. I sorta feel like I can come outa the closet now.

      1. Thank you for linking that article, MMRuth! I have read about umami in other publications. It explains my almost sinful addiction to Worcestershire sauce...on plain boiled rice. one should know.

        Interestingly, I remember watching Martin Yan on his now long lost cooking show. He frequently used a dash of ketchup here and there to boost flavor, and in lieu of tomato paste.

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          Agreed! Thank you so much for pointing out that interesting WSJ article, MMRuth! Interesting about umami possibly being a hard-wired taste.

          Some help, please? I cannot get the Umami Boosters sidebar/pic/image to load. Have tried 10 times. Would someone please post the complete list?...MMRuth listed a few above. Thanks.

          1. re: maria lorraine

            Soy Sauce
            Dried Mushrooms
            Slow Cooking

        2. Thanks, that was an interesting read.

          1. Not only was that a great article, but the recipes looked grate as well. I'm going to try that Balsamic Marinated Chicken. Thanks!