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Dec 8, 2007 05:52 AM

Questions about Peasant

Hopefully, I can get some quick answers on this as I'm leaving for the city in a few hours:

Does anyone know if it's possible to dine at the bar as a walk-in (the upstairs bar, not the wine bar)? Would getting there right at 6 be a safe bet for doing so?

Also, does anyone know if the wine bar (downstairs?) serves the regular menu or only snacks/wine?


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There are some small tables in the front of Peasant that are reserved for walk-ins. I have no idea how successful you'll be at 6 p.m. on a Saturday.

      The wine bar downstairs serves a modified version of the regular menu. For example, some of their pastas are on the wine bar's menu, but not the lasagna, one of Peasant's most beloved dishes.

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        just so you know, you can actually get anything from the upstairs menu downstairs if you ask for it specifically (I do that all the time with the lasagna)

        1. re: scanditrash

          Thanks. That's very good to know. I had no idea.

      2. We've dined at Peasant mostly at around 6:30 - 7:00 pm and all without reservation. When we walk by the bar, the one right by the reception podium, there were always empty stools. The table(s) by the bar also appeared to be always un-occupied.

        1. i have eaten at the upstairs bar several times. they offer a full menu. it's actually very pleasant there since it's a little removed from the noisy dining room. there have always been a few stools available but i tend to eat late. the bartenders have all been really knowledegable about the menu. funnily enough my one complaint from the last time i ate there was that the cocktails the bar tender made for us tasted like coolaid. otherwise he was a great waiter.