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Dec 8, 2007 05:47 AM

Newport Seafood and Wine Festival

I will be in Newport Oregon for the seafood and wine festival at the end of Feb. and then traveling to Manzanita for a few days. Always on the look out for good food, price and atmosphere don't matter. High end to low end. Sounds like Sharks and Nehalem Inn are good choices according to the boards. Will these places be open in February? Any other places I should consider and that are open in February? I prefer locally sourced food when possible.


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  1. All I can say is prepare to be very, very, very patient at the festival-I have never waited longer for anything in my life (including high season at DisneyLand) than I have to get in the door at the festival. If it's raining, bring really warm rainproof clothes :)

    I love Sharks and it's always my first recommendation. My folks live in Newport and they love Saffron Salmon and April's in Nye Beach, though I'm not positive it's open in February (I believe they are usually closed in January).

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      I am a newbie to the festival and I was wondering if you have to pay for your samples of food and wine. I know that the festival they have in Portland at the beginning of February requires you to pay per glass that you sample. I was just wondering if the cover charge also covered samples.

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        I believe you do pay per sample, though festival admission includes a glass. I'm not positive, though.

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        You have to visit the festival on Sunday - lines are almost non-existent to get in, and the crowd is less rowdy.

        As for food in Newport, I have no real ideas, as I've visited for the Wine and Seafood festival only, and there is enough great food there that you won't need to go out to eat after.

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          We visited Newport last year and hounds turned us on to Sharks - big big score. The Cioppino is killer and though we were only there for one meal, we were 2 for 2 and imagined the rest of the menu would reach that standard.

        2. I grew up in Newport and visit often. They have so many awesome places to eat. One of my favorites is Cafe Mundo. It is right above the Nye Beach Turn Around on Coast Street. It is in the backyard of a home so it is fenced in. It used to be an outdoor cafe and only open in the summer but this past summer they completed construction on their indoor facility. It is extremely ecclectic. The patrons who frequent there range from dreadlock growing hippies to conservative Republicans and everyone in between but it is always a good time and the food is out of this world. I would suggest the chocolate ganache torte for dessert, oh and a salad with the poppyseed dressing! They are very popular with the locals and usually pretty darn busy so be prepared to wait a bit for your food. Across the street from Mundo is a bakery called Panini and they have banging pizza and sandwiches made with their home made bread. My favorite pizza of theirs is the feta, basil and tomato and their turkey sandwiches rock! Down the street from them is Cafe Stephanie. It is a small cafe with great, fresh food. Also, I am not sure if they are still open but there is a restaurant called ARR Place. We used to go to breakfast there all the time. It is a husband and wife and their daughter who work there. Though the daughter might have graduated high school by now. They are a block south of the Performing Arts Center. They are right on the road but you drive down a little hill to the parking lot and to the restaraunt itself. They had the best french toast! Well, I hope this helps! If you go to Mundo and you see the head cook/owner Lori tell her Tawni says hi!

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            Saffron salmon on the bayfront is now my favorite restaurant in Newport. the saffron salmon entree is the best salmon dish I have ever had, and I've had plenty. other fish dishes are also excellent. I recommend it very highly. Arr place and April's are also good.