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Dec 8, 2007 04:36 AM

Spirito to close

Alas, this trio of partners is shuttering their doors, after about six months of business. What will take its place?? Location 9th street between 4th and 5th ave.

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  1. the time out review probably didn't help

    i never quite liked it as much as you, but i didn't agree with the TO review(basically, "the mcdonalds next door would have been a better choice". ouch!).

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    1. re: TBird

      I'm really sad about this--I've tried to go a few times in the last few weeks. At first a sign was up saying they were undergoing renovations and would open after the new year. We've tried to go twice since then, but when we drove by last night the gate was up and the space dark.

      I didn't see the Time Out review, but I had gone to Spirito 3 times since it opened, and I thought the food was very good. And the guys who owned it were really nice. It was the perfect place for well-done Italian food in a casual settling. Do you know if the Spirito partners are planning to reopen somewhere else in the neighborhood?

      1. re: artichokeheart

        lights have been on when passing by the last few days. what's up with that?