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Dec 8, 2007 03:48 AM

DC Area sports bars showing soccer on TV and serving decent food?

It's a tall order..but I'm looking for a DC area sports bar (preferably in Washington DC) that has the following constraints:

1. Is open on weekend afternoons
2. Shows English and/or International Soccer Games
3. Serves Decent Food

4. Has Dart Boards

From what I've gathered, the DC is a very international place but I'm not aware of any sports pubs that show soccer. Of course, I'm not all that familiar with DC yet.

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  1. Summer's in Arlington (near court house) shows many games (or at least used to), but it would depend on your definition of decent to qualify the food.

    I'm blocking hard on the name of the place on Cap Hill that also dedicates good screen time to soccer. And I think Lucky Bar used to as well (it's now been exactly 2 years and 9 months since I've been able to indulge much - and longer since I lived close enough).

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    1. re: Dennis S

      Stick with the Buffalo Wings at Summers. Summers is nationally/internationally famous for their commitment to soccer. Check out their website. Also, they have two bars, one totally non-smoking with great separation from the smoking.

    2. Lucky Bar usually shows international soccer games. I wouldn't call the food gourmet but their wings are decent. You could always just grab an empanada next door at Julia's and then drink your beer and watch the game at Lucky Bar.

      1. I've actually done this at Elephant & Castle on Pennsylvania Ave...a couple of blocks from the White House if I recall correctly. Lots of Brit beers. I recall food being decent as well. Tons of soccer fans in there. A friend of mine doing a law internship in that area said they all used to go down there in the afternoons and watch soccer on the weekends while stuck at work...can't help you with the dart boards though, they may have them but last time I was there was about a year ago.

        Oddly enough this place is a chain out of Canada (I had no idea until I looked it up online) but this is the only DC location, I think.

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          Have to disagree about the food at Elephant & Castle -- had a friend who liked to go there, and it was always awful. Everything is greasy -- the soggy, limp nachos were among the worst I've ever had, fish & chips were heavy and flavorless, and the bread on the ploughman's platter was inedible.

          Stick to Summers -- or see if the Irish Channel Pub at 5th and H gets soccer...

          1. re: hoosierinva

            Maybe it was decent because of all of the beverages beforehand? Who knows. Gave it a shot.

        2. the food at summer's is disgusting, IMO. I lived in the area for a year and never had anything remotely appealing.

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          1. re: polly parker

            "Disgusting" is rather harsh. Summers is basically a diner. I would expect food on that level.

          2. Fado in Chinatown used to show soccer games on the weekend, but I haven't been in years. Got very crowded during World Cup and had to go elsewhere. Some of the dishes are pretty decent; the fish and chips and the Irish breakfast. No dart boards though.

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            1. re: monkeyrotica

              Fado has been showing some of the Euro 2008 qualifiers midweek... not sure about weekends though.