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Dec 8, 2007 02:23 AM

King Taco salsa [moved from Los Angeles board]

Hi. I have looked everywhere trying to see if someone knows how to make King Taco's
green salsa. It's the best green hot salsa my mom and I have tasted. I don't know why
people really love their red salsa and they wonder how to make it. The red salsa tastes
good but it tastes like a can of Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce. Just blend
a small jar in your blender with a little water and you will see that it tastes like their
red salsa. Well....I am posting to see if people know what the ingredients are for the
Green Salsa so I could make it. I actually do buy the King Taco salsa when I go
to the one in El Monte. I tell the cashier I want a big side order of green salsa and
I give them $1.50 for a small coffee cup. some of the ingredients I have
figured out for the Green Salsa is cliantro, those small little dark clove (cloves),
tomatillos(maybe). If someone knows more...let me know.

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  1. ok so i read somewhere else that they found a whole clove, i also get a sense of there being cumin and maybe oregano and possibly not sure, but some epazote. if there's epazote, then it might not have oregano. test it out and let me know!

    1. dude i figured it out! its not clove, its anise!

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        so what is the full recipe???? and there is something a little different about the red sauce isn't there???? I'll i know is that people have been working for years to crack this taco king sauce recipes... both of them

      2. JalapeƱo & yellow chiles. tomatillo, epazote, anise & cloves, yellow onion & garlic & salt
        Roast chiles, garlic & onion.
        Separately grind dry item, in coffee grinder or food processor.
        Combine all in blender, add cilantro last it's should be chopped not blended in.
        This is the closest I've gotten to it.